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Our Content Marketing Certification Is Now Open for Enrollment…

It’s time once again to open up Copyblogger’s Content Marketing Certification program to new writers. But this time there’s an important difference.

Over the years, our Certification program has provided big benefits to those who qualify:

  • Intensive training plus ongoing education
  • Personal feedback on your work from Copyblogger Editorial
  • A prestigious Content Marketing Certification designation
  • Free client leads from Copyblogger.com

The prestige of the designation certainly won’t change. Savvy clients looking for content marketing services know the quality that Copyblogger stands for, and we expect that same level of expertise from the writers we award with our Content Marketing Certification.

Many of those potential clients come directly to Copyblogger’s Copyblogger Certified Content Marketers page to find great writers, and it’s those writers who get 100% of the benefit. This is an aspect of our program that will change for people who join after this final enrollment period.

Some of our Certified Writers have received so much new business from being listed on that page that they request to be designated as “currently not accepting new clients.” How crazy is that?

It makes sense though. Finding really good writers for content marketing is much more challenging than it should be.

Getting your name and link on our Certified Content Marketers page means that Copyblogger is saying, in effect:

We believe this writer is well qualified to produce terrific content marketing.

As I mentioned, change is coming — but only for people who don’t join in this final Certification group. In other words, if you join in this enrollment period, you and all of our existing Certified Writers will continue to get free client inquiries for as long as you stay Certified.

  • That means no referral fees of any kind.
  • Clients who contact you via Copyblogger.com are all yours.
  • No strings attached, no matter what we change in the future.

This is the last group that will get this benefit. As we move forward, we’ll be changing up our Certification training, continuing education, and how client work assignments are handed out.

Our existing Certified Writers will have opportunities for these assignments, but never the obligation. And that will include you when you join this final group of candidates.

With that out of the way, we just opened the doors to the Copyblogger Certification program, and we’d love to have you join this esteemed group of writers! You can enroll here (if you happen to be an existing DCA or Authority member, log in first).

It’s important to know that our Certification isn’t a multiple-choice kind of thing. Every application is closely reviewed by a member of our editorial team. We look closely at your writing style, your content strategy, and your ability to write engaging, useful material.

Those who pass are genuinely an elite group. They’re the writers that we feel confident saying:

This person will do an amazing job with your content.

Like everything we offer, you have 30 days to make sure the program is a good fit for you. Attend the strategy sessions. Complete the worksheets with some clients (or for your own business). Start using the techniques from the prospecting workshops to make regular outreach a part of your work week.

Even before you apply for your Certification, you’ll see a massive difference in your confidence, strategy, and professionalism. If this is what you’re seeking, check out the details and enroll today!

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