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Orbit Media’s Latest Survey of 1000 Bloggers…


It’s time again for Andy Crestodina’s annual survey of 1000(+) bloggers. Take a listen and see how your site measures against the trends …

For the third year running, Andy Crestodina over at Orbit Media has run his Survey of 1000 Bloggers. We had a chance to chat about the most interesting findings … and talk about what a big project like this can mean for an organization like his (or maybe yours).

In this 30-minute episode, Andy and I talk about:

  • The content practice that twice as many bloggers are doing this year: How does your process stack up?
  • The emerging role of editors for professional content
  • The most effective content formats (as seen by content creators)
  • The two types of content that get the most links and shares, and how you can add both types to your mix
  • What organizing a big project like Orbit’s survey could do for your business and your authority
  • Figuring out how often to publish fresh content
  • The power of a mighty LBOW

Listen to this Episode Now

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