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Join Us for a Free, In-Depth Workshop to Improve Your Sales Skill…

Get Over Your Nervousness about Selling ... Forever

At Copyblogger, we love to teach! We really have a great time teaching copywriting, content strategy, search engine optimization, social media strategy …

The one thing we don’t teach? Selling. Because it’s not what we’re fantastic at.

Fortunately, we found someone who is fantastic at it, without being … a creepy weirdo. (There, I said it.)

His name is Tim Paige. He’s genuine, funny, nice, and seriously good at selling.

Tim’s going to be leading a free workshop for us to help sharpen up our selling skills.

(And let me be clear: I’ll be the first one in there, with my notebook open and ready to take a million notes.)

If you’d like to improve your selling skills for your product, service, course, or other offering, Tim will help you get there. Without making it weird.

Join us on Tuesday, June 26, at 12:00 Noon Eastern U.S. Time

You can grab your spot here: Free Ethical Sales Workshop with Tim Paige.

I’ve had my eye on the sign-ups, and the registrations for this workshop are filling up nicely.

You might want to come on in just a minute or two early. We originally had this scheduled for an earlier date, but due to a bunch of reasons we needed to reschedule. This date is the real deal. 🙂

See you there!

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