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It’s Black Friday Week on Copyblogger: Get Great Deals on Premium…

Somehow, we’ve nearly reached the end of the year. If you’re in the U.S., this week is all about gratitude, eating too much pie, perhaps a bit of shopping, and, let’s face it, more pie.

For those outside the States, you’ve probably noticed that “Black Friday” has become a traditional day to hold a big sale. And at Copyblogger, our tradition is that this is pretty much the only week of the year when we hold a sale.

So if you have big goals for 2019 (or for the rest of 2018, for that matter), this week is a great time for you to pick up some premium education that will get you there faster.

We’ve got two bundles for you, wrapped in some pretty sweet pricing, and one standalone workshop that we’ve never offered on its own before.

Content Fundamentals

This bundle will let you put together a rock-solid foundation for success as a content marketer. We paired our popular Content Foundations course with our even-more-popular Copywriting 101 course. And then, just to make things kind of irresistible, we added Brian Clark’s course that walks you step-by-step through his process for crafting a content marketing strategy.

This bundle is perfect for beginners who want to start strong. It will also benefit experienced marketers looking to brush up their skills, or who feel they have a few gaps in their skill sets.

Courses included in this bundle are:

  • Creative Content Foundations
  • Persuasive Copywriting 101
  • Brian Clark’s Crafting Strategic Content for Digital Products and Services

You can learn more about the Content Fundamentals bundle here

Advanced Commerce

For those who want a more next-level experience, our Advanced Commerce bundle will help you pick up the advanced skills that will move your business forward. We’ve collected our class on marketing funnels and our class on selling “productized” consulting, together with Brian Clark’s comprehensive course on how to build an online training business — the smarter way.

If you’ve ever wanted Copyblogger to show you, in detail, how to plan, set up, and sell a course online, Brian’s course does exactly that. And it’s easily worth the cost of the entire bundle.

Courses included in this bundle are:

  • How to Create 
Automated Marketing Funnels 
that Work
  • Selling Productized Consulting in a Digital Environment
  • Brian Clark’s Build Your Online Training Business the Smarter Way

You can learn more about the Advanced Commerce bundle here

… and a hot new workshop

We’re also offering, for the first time, an ultra fast and focused workshop on how to sit down with a potential client and earn their business.

If you work with clients, whether as a freelancer, a coach, a consultant, or virtually any other service business, this course will help you sit down with your prospects and have a productive conversation that will get you the deal.

Taught by ethical selling expert Tim Paige, this workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable selling one-on-one, or who isn’t seeing the results they want from their sales conversations.

Please note that this workshop is highly focused. It gets right to the point. (One might even call it … short.) But it is mighty.

Tim has pared down his advice to precisely what you’ll cover in a sales conversation, without veering off into tangents. He talks about how to make your offer relevant, how to make the case for premium pricing, and what to do if your prospect isn’t ready to buy.

We’ve also included a “cheat sheet” to help keep your sales conversations comfortably on track … without stiff or awkward sales scripts.

You can get all the details by going to our Black Friday page — but only until Monday, November 26 at midnight, Eastern U.S. Time.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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