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How to Send & Receive Encrypted Email | GoDaddy Help…

You can encrypt any email message in just a few seconds. Learn how to send and receive your own encrypted emails with GoDaddy Email Encryption with Office 365. Find out more about the service at: https://www.godaddy.com/business/office-365

Hi my name is Josh, and today I’m going to walk you through a demo of the Godaddy Email Encryption service which is Powered by Proofpoint. The demo will show the user experience from both the Sender and the Recipient perspectives.

The Godaddy Email Encryption service comes with a default policy where users are instructed to type the word [encrypt] in square brackets into the subject line any time they want to send an encrypted message.

So as you can see I’m creating a message that I want to send encrypted to Noirin who works at my local bank. I’ve added the word [encrypt] in square brackets into the subject line, and I’ve attached a file that I want to send to them.

Now that the email has been sent, you’ll notice that the encryption service has sent me a confirmation email letting me know that my message was sent encrypted.

When Noirin opens her email you will see that she has received a notification email letting her know that she’s received an encrypted email from me, with instructions to click on the “view encrypted email” button.

When Noirin clicks the button it will open a browser and take her to the Proofpoint secure mail portal, where she will need to log in in order to view the encrypted message. If she is a first time user of the service she will have to create a password and register. Please note that we do have strict password requirements at this stage.

After registering Noirin will receive a confirmation email that when clicked will take her to the secure cloud portal.

She will then be able to log in and view the encrypted email, she can download the file that was attached, and she can reply to the message. The reply will come all the way through to my inbox, where I won’t have to login to the secure mail portal to view the reply.

This concludes our demo, thanks for watching.


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