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How to Get (and Keep) Clients in Uncertain Times, Featuring Leah …

The sales coach and founder of Smart Gets Paid, Leah Neaderthal, returned to talk with host Darrell Vesterfelt about how to mentally and practically approach your business in these trying and uncertain times (and why you might not need to “pivot”).

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In this week’s conversation, Darrell and Leah go into more in-depth strategies to “… master business development,” and keep those critical clients happy during times when everyone has a heightened sense of anxiety and fear.

In this episode, Darrell and Leah discussed:

  • How Leah started her own business … right on the heels of a recession
  • The two most important marketing tools to laser-focus right now
  • Why your clients need “painkillers, not vitamins”
  • How you should view your pipeline and client’s buying behaviors
  • Why it’s more important than ever to be visible and valuable
  • Creative solutions for making yourself the safest option
  • How to provide a sense of stability for your clients (past, present, and future)
  • And much more!

The Show Notes

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