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20+ Best Vintage Icon Packs, Badges & Insignias (Free & P…

Vintage logo and badge design are quite popular these days. But it’s more than just a trend. It’s also a way of showing off the origins and history behind a brand.

Vintage doesn’t always mean old. It’s mostly about adding a nostalgic feel and capturing the essence of a certain era. Many modern startups and businesses, like Dollar Shave Club, do it well with their branding designs.

If you’re also working on a logo, badge, or insignia design that takes people back in time, you’re in luck. In this post, we bring you a collection of vintage badge templates, insignias, and icon packs to help you find inspiration for your design.

You can download and edit these templates to quickly craft badges or logos as well. Explore the collection below and see if you can find a template for your project.

12 Retro & Vintage Badge Templates

Retro and vintage designs share many similar characteristics. The badge and logo designs in this bundle mixes elements from the two design worlds to create unique templates. It includes 12 different templates you can use to make your own logos or badges. You can edit them using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Vintage Typographic Insignias & Badges

The title and text take a major role in most vintage badge designs. This collection of badge templates takes inspiration from similar vintage designs to make insignias with a classic look and feel. There are 6 different badge templates in this pack. You can easily edit and customize them using Photoshop.

Vintage Badge & Logo Templates

The classic colors of old designs also add to the overall look of a vintage design. The badge templates in this pack use the colors well to create that same vintage vibe. The bundle features 18 different vintage badge and logo templates. Each template can be customized to your preference using Photoshop.

15 Vintage Audio Icon Pack

Whether you’re working on a logo, badge, or product label, you can easily give it a classic vintage look by adding a simple icon. This bundle comes with 15 vintage icons featuring audio-themed designs. There are icons for cassette tapes, VHS tapes, radios, and more. The icons are available in PNG, SVG, PSD, and AI formats.

12 Vintage Wedding Badges

The vintage design trend is quite popular in wedding invitation and card design as well. You can use the badges in this collection to instantly add a vintage look and feel to your wedding-themed designs. There are 12 vector badge templates in this pack. You can customize them using Illustrator to change text and colors.

Free Vintage Badge & Logo Templates

This is a collection of free vintage badge and logo templates. It includes 9 creative templates with professional designs. You can use them to craft badges and labels for various brands and products. The templates are available in AI and PSD formats.

Free Vintage Label & Badge Set

Another set of free vintage label and badges you can use for free with your personal and commercial projects. This pack includes 3 high-quality templates in fully customizable Illustrator files.

Worn Out Vintage Badges & Logo Templates

This collection of vintage badges and logos have various styles of templates. You can use them to craft designs for different brands including outdoor adventure, travel, and even cafes. The templates feature worn-out designs that add to the overall vintage look. There are 12 different AI and EPS templates in this pack.

Monoline Vintage Badge Templates

If you’re going for a truly vintage badge design that looks just like a design out of the 1920s, this templates pack is made just for you. It includes 10 different vintage badges with monoline designs. Of course, you can customize the templates however you like using Adobe Illustrator as well.

20 Vintage Style Badge & Logo Templates

This bundle features a mixed collection of badges and logos for various types of brands and businesses. There are badge templates for beverages, organic food, tools, instruments, and much more. A total of 20 different badges come in AI and EPS file formats. They are fully customizable.

Vintage Labels & Logos Collection

The vintage badge templates in this pack are perfect for crafting labels for products and packaging. It includes 8 different templates featuring vintage typography badge designs. They are available in PSD file format and can be edited to change text and colors to your preference.

Vintage Camp Trailers Icons Pack

You can design beautiful vintage badges, logos, and labels for outdoor and travel-themed brands using this icon pack. It features 16 different icons featuring camper trailers with creative designs. The icons are available in AI, EPS, PSD, SVG, and many other file formats.

Free Colorful Vintage Badges Templates

This set of vintage badges comes with colorful designs. There are 6 stylish templates to choose from and they are available in customizable vector formats. You can download and use them for free.

Free Decorative Vintage Badges

A set of decorative frames and badges featuring vintage designs. This pack includes 4 different templates you can download for free. Although, you’ll need to register a free account with the source website to download them.

Vintage Ornaments for Badges & Logos

If you prefer to experiment and create your own unique designs, this bundle of vintage ornaments will come in handy. It includes more than 200 different elements such as logo ornaments, dividers, and monograms you can use to craft unique badges, logos, and labels. All of the items in the pack are fully customizable and comes in AI and PSD formats.

Retro & Vintage Logo Badges Templates

This collection includes 7 beautiful badge templates featuring mixed designs of modern and vintage elements. Each template is available in both PSD and AI file formats. You can edit them to change text, fonts, and colors to your preference.

Wornout Vintage Badge Templates

With this big bundle of badges, you’ll never run out of ideas for crafting vintage badges and logos for your projects. It includes 55 different badge templates with worn-out designs. You can customize the templates using Adobe Illustrator.

200+ Vector Vintage Icons Pack

This is a massive collection of vintage and hipster-themed icons. There are more than 200 icons in this pack featuring everything from vintage bicycles, hats, bowties, hot air balloons, and more. The icons come in multiple file formats, including EPS, AI, and SVG.

Trendy Retro Vintage Insignias

This is sort of a DIY vintage insignia kit you can use to craft your own badges and insignias. It includes lots of vector elements and templates that can be customized to craft your own designs. Everything in the templates is in vector format and you can edit them using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Free Retro-Vintage Badge Templates

A collection of free retro and vintage badge templates. You can choose from 20 different badge designs in this pack to craft unique labels and logos. The templates are customizable and come in AI and EPS file formats.

Money - Free Vintage Icon Pack

This free icon pack includes money and finance-themed icons with classic vintage designs. The icons are available in PNG and SVG formats. There are a total of 50 icons in this bundle featuring 3 versions of each icon.

30 Vintage Badges, Labels & Stickers

This collection comes with a set of editable templates featuring classic badge and label designs. These designs feature the same unusual and quirky designs that you used to see in vintage products and banners. There are 30 different templates in this pack that can be edited in Photoshop.

Hand Drawn Vintage Logos & Labels

A set of vintage labels, badges, and logos for crafting various business and branding designs. This pack includes 8 unique and hand-crafted vintage badge templates with different design themes. They are available in AI and EPS file formats.

Flora - Vintage Stained Glass Icons

Looking for vintage-themed floral icons to use in your print and digital designs? Then this icons pack is for you. It includes 9 icons with stained-glass floral designs. You can use them in your greeting cards, invitations, and other designs. The icons come in AI, EPS, and PNG formats.

If you’re looking for more icons and templates, check out our best Photoshop logo templates collection.

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