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180 – Best Practices and Top Tips for Email Marketing…

Did you know your emails can be blacklisted if you don’t follow best practices?

Did you know it’s a good idea to ask people if they want to unsubscribe?

Did you know that 200 words is the sweet spot for an email?

There are lots of questions people have about email marketing. In this episode, Luke and I get super practical about what you should and should not do when writing an email to your audience. We talk about:

-Why you want to follow best practices.
-How to maintain your email list.
-What you should consider when writing a subject line (with examples)
-How you should approach writing the content and the test you should use to evaluate it.

It’s 17 minutes of advice and practical know-how that could make a huge difference in your engagement.

Key Points:
-Email is still the best way to get the highest ROI for your marketing dollar.
-Following best email marketing practices will help you avoid being dumped into spam folders, or worse.
-The best emails will be personally relevant to your recipient and offer value.

Action Item:
-Use the tips in this episode to start a monthly email newsletter. If you have a newsletter, evaluate it against these tips and improve it where you can.

-The Starter Guide to Email Marketing: remindermedia.com/guides/the-starter-guide-to-email-marketing/
-Ep. 176: How to Get More Leads with Lead Magnets: youtu.be/Qcp0JbULPk8
-Check out Josh’s offer for 30 days of free email marketing: remindermedia.com/platform

[0:26] Overview
[2:23] How your emails can get blacklisted.
[3:55] How to build your email list.
[5:09] How to maintain your email list.
[7:46] Tips for writing your emails.
[11:26] Tips for writing your subject lines.
[14:36] Tips for how to evaluate your emails.
[16:08] How to get 30 days of free digital marketing.
[17:50] Action Item

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