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Why You Should Pour Yourself a Glass of Water and Write for 15 Mi…

Daydreaming is inherently flexible.

You don’t need to set aside time for it or plan how to execute it properly. It effortlessly arises and plays out until you shift your focus back to your responsibilities.

Last week, I talked about getting more out of your expectations, and today I’m going to talk about a daily writing practice that helps you get more out of your daydreams.

It only requires 15 minutes, and it doesn’t always have to be done at the same time.

On your most productive days, it can positively impact your work, but it’s especially useful on days when you feel directionless or overwhelmed.

And I’ll let you know what the glass of water is for, too.

Time away from your responsibilities

Now, this isn’t actually time to practice your writing.

You won’t be journaling or brainstorming content ideas. You might become a better writer over time, but that’s not the point.

These 15 minutes are your time away from everything else you have going on.

The activity has two main purposes:

  1. It’s a checkpoint for you to review your goals.
  2. It’s an outlet for ideas you don’t get to entertain during the rest of your day.

We often get so caught up in doing everything we need to do that we don’t take time to reflect on whether or not all of those actions are leading us to where we want to go.

You might want to ask yourself questions like:

  • Should I change my priorities?
  • Are there other options that would be better for me right now?
  • Am I using my free time wisely?

When you make it a habit to assess how you spend your time, it helps you pinpoint possible pitfalls.

You can catch not-so-great ideas before you spend too much time on them and focus on better ones instead.

If you’ve postponed working on something important, you could outline steps for starting your project.

Time to celebrate your wins

Scrutinizing your behavior as you evaluate your progress isn’t necessarily going to be helpful. I’ve modeled this practice after daydreaming so you can keep it light.

Self-reflection is a great opportunity to celebrate your wins: What’s going well for you? Is there a way to build on your current successes?

Without the pressure of meeting a word count or refining your writing voice, you’re free to expand on thoughts that aren’t typically priorities.

Highlight a recent victory or two that will motivate you as you move forward.

Time to fine-tune your plans

What don’t you have time to think about during the rest of the day?

Chances are, your daily routine is already pretty full and you have interests that you never seem to get to work on.

This writing session can be time to turn your daydream musings into concrete plans. Maybe you’ll create the content calendar for your new website or learn how your writing skills can make you a valuable content marketing strategist for businesses.

Some days you might not have much to write about, but each writing session builds on the previous one. A couple words you jot down one day could spark a breakthrough later that week.

Oh, and about that glass of water …

The glass of water is symbolic of the clarity this daily habit helps cultivate. 🙂

When you slow down and sip the water over the 15-minute period, it’s a reminder that this short exercise enables you to optimize how you spend the majority of your time.

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