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Web Personalization: The Future of Digital Marketing and Sales Is…

"The concept of what a website should be has changed drastically." – Brian Clark

In the beginning, the business website was a mere brochure.

Low value, low shareability, low findability.

Around 2005, a big shift happened thanks to content. Cutting-edge business websites became educational resources with valuable content that ranked well in search engines and benefited from the sharing functionality of emerging social media.

Soon, “cutting edge” became the expected norm due to the content marketing revolution. Low-value brochure sites became invisible to search and social, and quickly abandoned by visitors who managed to come across them.

We’re on the cusp of another big shift. One that will quickly become the expected norm for all websites, and yet will again provide a huge competitive advantage to early adopters.

In other words, the concept of what a website should be has changed dramatically once again. Here’s how to get a jump on it.

Personalization Will Transform Your Business

There are still, without doubt, huge benefits to building a unified audience — your tribe, if you will.

But web users have already been conditioned by Amazon and Netflix to expect an experience that’s personalized to who they are, what they’ve done in the past, and what their specific goals are. This will very soon become the new normal.

We’d like to lay it all out for you in very concrete terms. No theory, just real-world strategies that build your business.

On Thursday, May 24, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific, I’m co-hosting a live webinar with Ricardo Bueno from RightMessage (Remember Ricardo? He used to work with us back in the day), called: How to Double Your List Size (and Sales) by Personalizing Your Landing Pages.

On this live webinar, we’ll reveal five in-depth strategies (with all the juicy numbers and details) to help you increase your conversion rate and transform your business:

  • How to increase lead conversions by upwards of 44% by segmenting and personalizing based on the site or affiliate that sent someone to you
  • How to use dynamic call-to-actions to look at on-site browsing behavior to increase opt-ins by 252%
  • How to get rid of multiple landing pages and sync your ad copy and targeting with your landing pages (and see conversions go up by 109%)
  • How to progressively profile new subscribers and increase subscriber-to-customer conversion rates by 67%
  • How to create an automated offer funnel, both on your site and within your emails, and have 55% more subscribers buying from you, and have existing customers buy more.

You don’t want to miss this. Register here to claim your spot.

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