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Update Your Focus to Work Hard on the Right Things…

Last week, I affirmed that “hard work is luck.”

However, what if you work hard and aren’t seeing any progress or results? What if hard work just leads to you feeling disappointed and ready to give up?

Before you actually do give up, it’s helpful to take a look at the activities that consume your time and attention.

Why do some people who work hard succeed, and some don’t?

I think those who “work hard and succeed” are open to a variety of pathways that will help them reach their goals. They are flexible and don’t have a fixed mindset about the work they should be doing or a rigid definition of success.

In other words, those who “work hard but don’t succeed” might work hard on the wrong things and ignore other versions of success within reach.

It’s not the most exciting truth, but we have to crawl before we can walk.

So, let’s slow down a bit and embrace “crawling” as a dedication to our craft that helps us consistently create something special for our audiences.

It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Sonia:

“The most brilliant strategy applied to crap will simply get the word out faster about how crappy your content is.” – Sonia Simone

We need great content before we tackle the other facets of marketing. On Monday, Sonia shared 7 steps to grow a blog post — a go-to process that is a lot easier than starting from scratch every time you write.

On Tuesday, Pamela Wilson took Sonia’s advice even further, with a system for producing one powerful piece of content each week.

And on Wednesday, we got a little closer to “walking” with my editorial guidelines that detail the best ways to expand your audience with guest posts for other websites.

On your path to “X,Y,Z,” it just makes sense to start with “A,B,C” — and don’t ignore all of the letters in between that are important parts of your hard-work journey. 🙂

Talk with you next week!

— Stefanie Flaxman
Editor-in-Chief, Copyblogger Media

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