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Tips to Avoid An Email Marketing Nightmare…

Tips to Avoid An Email Marketing Nightmare

The leaves are changing, it’s getting darker
earlier and fall is officially upon us; for email marketers, this means one
thing — a retail season
of candy, costumes and profit, otherwise known as Halloween. While October is a great month to engage
with consumer bases in fun, simple — and of course, spooky — ways, there are certainly
frightful issues that can jump out and turn innocent email campaigns into
marketing horror stories. Marketers can use the following tips to avoid email
marketing nightmares that could leave one screaming for help.
Dawn of
the Dead Ends
It was a dreary Halloween night.
The wind was howling and, in a land far, far away, a marketer had just
discovered his entire list was comprised of “email zombies.”
an email marketer, there is nothing spookier than an email list full of
inactive contacts. The reason this presents such a fright is grounded in the
fact that a list comprised of valid email addresses is critical to
deliverability and click-through rates. When the number of bounces or spam
exceeds a specific threshold, messages can be sent to the spam folder or even
get blocked. According to a recent
Campaigner survey, nearly 28 percent of respondents
cite subscriber list errors as their biggest fright this season.
lists regularly is a sound strategy to ensure campaign success and fresh
results. This requires reviewing existing lists and removing any contacts who
have been unresponsive for a long period of time as well as contacts who either
did not opt-in in the first place or have un-subscribed. These people clearly
do not want to receive emails and will only hurt marketers’ open rates. There
are, however, numerous ways to wake zombies, and these ‘dead’ email subscribers
can also be brought back to life with a little work. Marketers can start by
sending a win-back email for one last shot at interaction and re-engagement.
This could entail offering a promotion and using well-crafted content to remind
subscribers why they were attracted to the brand in the first place.
Double Toil and Punctuation Troubles
mistakes are the shadow on the moon at night, filling our dreams to the brim
with fright
To an email marketer, there are few things as
chilling and spine-tingling as a punctuation slip-up. Scarier than any ghost or
ghoul this season, typos are the saboteurs that undermine email content and
drive a stake through the heart of a carefully crafted campaign. Not only does
skipping a spell-check make for a messy email, but it also reflects poorly on the
sender. Spelling, grammar and accuracy mistakes can be a huge distraction for a
reader and can easily wound a marketer’s credibility.
Checking for errors and proofreading carefully
may seem obvious, so why is it often difficult to catch these little mistakes? According
to psychologist Tom Stafford,
it starts with the fact that, when
marketers are producing content, they try to convey meaning, which is a very
high-level task. For this reason, it can be easy for the brain to generalize simple, component parts
(like turning letters into words and words into sentences) so it can focus on
more complex tasks (like combining sentences into complex ideas).
order to avoid a grammatical nightmare, marketers should always do a second
scan or request another set of eyes to review an email before sending it out.
Additionally, reading an email out loud can do wonders to illuminate mistakes
that might have otherwise been missed.
on Design Street
In the movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, the protagonist, Nancy Thompson delivers a
cautionary message to her friends in order to escape the wrath of Freddy
Kruger, “Whatever you do…don’t fall
Had Nancy been delivering this message to email marketers today,
it would go a little something like, “Whatever
you do, don’t forget to create compelling email content and design.
Email content and design are both critical to
the success of a campaign. For example, when it comes to design, marketers
should start by crafting the most optimal viewing experience possible by
creating emails that render properly to allow easy navigation and minimal
resizing. In our age of convenience, users will no longer bother with emails
that need reformatting to be viewed on a mobile device. When it comes to
content, marketers can begin by ensuring content and messaging is relevant,
timely and tactful. For instance, tone-deaf content that clashes with sensitive
current events have given companies like Airbnb and Adidas quite the fright in the past.

There is no reason Halloween should be scary
for email marketers!
By performing
some maintenance on subscriber lists, meticulously proofreading campaigns and
crafting effective email content and designs, marketers can avoid losing their
heads this season amidst a campaign horror story.
Seamas Egan
Director, Revenue Operations

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