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The Copyblogger Guide to Managing Your Professional Overwhelm…

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed out?

Yeah, there’s a lot of that going around.

Daily life is difficult enough. And when you layer business and marketing challenges on top of that, it can seem really inviting to stay in bed and watch cartoons for, say, about a month.

Since that’s not an option for most of us, we have several solutions for your creative, marketing, and business anxieties. There are a lot of problems we can’t help you with, but we can try to take marketing worries off of your personal “scary” list.

This week I’m switching things up a bit, recapping our posts in reverse order to get more and more specific about how you can Do All the Things even when you’re overwhelmed.

On Wednesday, I sent a shout-out to all of my fellow business owners (and other humans) who are anxious, stressed, and freaked out. No matter how intense it feels in this moment, there’s always a way to take a small step today (and another one tomorrow).

On Tuesday, Kelton Reid talked about why your procrastination habit might not be the train wreck you think it is. He compares and contrasts the natural, normal kinds of procrastination with the damaging versions — and wraps up with 9 strategies for achieving balanced productivity without making yourself miserable.

And on Monday, Stefanie Flaxman offered insights on how to use constraints to your advantage and move forward with your big ideas in manageable ways. She gives specific ways to break down your intimidating ideas and plans into chunks you can tackle without stress.

And sometimes, you just need a creative re-set. If you have some time in September, consider joining us in Norway for the Slow Business Adventure!

I’ll be keynoting and leading a workshop, as well as attending the event’s workshops and walks. It’s going to be an intimate event with great possibilities for connection, and I believe it will be genuinely transformative for the folks who attend.

Product of the week: Creative Content Foundations

We designed our Creative Content Foundations course to help out with content marketing overwhelm.

The course is designed to fill in the most common professional gaps for content marketers.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or podcaster who wants to “take it up a notch,” or you’re starting out and want to get off to a great start, Creative Content Foundations will give you essential skills and techniques that you’ll use throughout your career.

Gain a Solid Content Marketing Foundation

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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Join Sonia Next Month for a Transformative 'Slow Business Adventure' in Norway!Join Sonia Next Month for a Transformative ‘Slow Business Adventure’ in Norway!

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