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Setup AWS webmail system…

Hi every one, today we will see how to open webmail and config the webmail through Amazon web services..

Lets sign/signup through AWS console..Open the dashboard, go through work mail and open it..

Now follow the video to creating and config.webmail through AWS..

Already we had created the settings, but I will show you the process, just follow these steps then you will be able to configure and work with Webmail Aws..

1. Login with your aws details,
2. Go to Work mail option on dashboard,
3. Add “Organization”for simple process I will recommend to click on “Quick setup”,
4. In “Alias” text area give your company name, or your dmoain name etc whatever you want, just only give the name, without giving domain extensions or http://,
5. Then click on create, it will starting create with your given details. Its may take about 5 min. Once it appears in “Organization” page, click on your created Alias,
6. There its will take into the settings page where you can create user, groups, organization settings etc. Now follow the video and this text is mentiond in the description.

Please follow the process and let me know if you have any doubts. Once this process successful, please like and subscribe our channel.

Thank you!..


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