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Sending confirmation emails using Nodemailer and SendGrid…

Learn how to create a confirmation link and then send it to the registered user using nodemailer and send grid email service.

Before that we use the dotenv package to move our secret keys from our codebase to our environment file.

We also update our schema.graphql file to remove the password field in our user type since it serves no purpose the apollo client will not be needing it.

I make a few mistakes in the lesson. One is that I am not passing the registered user from the signup reducer. The user object doesn’t contain the id that we are using to create the token.
Will fix these in the next lesson.

Also the user id was not received in the apollo client that is because I am not sending it from the signup reducer will fix that as well in the graphql lesson.

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Link to sendgrid – https://sendgrid.com/
Part one of registering users – https://youtu.be/cPDQTzOuP_I

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