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Sendinblue shows more of their new landing page builder than they…

The email marketing and newsletter service SendinBlue announced their new custom landing page builder this week, the functionality lets marketers build and launch customer pages directly from the SendinBlue platform.

Some of the Landing Page tool highlights according to SendinBlue
• Get started “with a selection of landing page templates
• Drag and drop landing page builder to customize pages.
• Pages are mobile responsive
• Choose from an embedded royalty-free stock photo gallery for your images.
• Make follow up more meaningful by capturing unique information with custom form fields and syncing them to contact lists in SendinBlue.
• Landingpages can be presented under a custom domain name for a more seamless experience.

And here is where the story becomes interesting…

In a weird twist of ultimate awkward pants-down-ness. Their announcement page also included this image….


If you don’t directly notice what is odd about that image. Or think we just meant it was just the overused #stockphotohipsterbeardman. Have another close look. One might see that the image has a different logo at the top-left – one that we recognize!

Yes, the ye old Infusionsoft logo. (from before their re-brand).


Well, seeing the absolte likeness of the interface our best bet is that this is a whitelable functionality that wasn’t labled white enough quite yet. A bit too transparent. Oops! The alternative (that they built the LP builder to be exactly like Infusionsoft) would be even more embarrassing.

We’ll reach out to SendinBlue for an official reaction. To be continued….

Still SendinBlue-ers can use the functionality, so a bit more on the functionality of the Infusionsoft Campaign SendinBlue landingpage builder.

Use Landing pages for lead gen and Marketing Automation.

Marketers can use landing pages to streamline several processes. The email marketing service provider offers some example use cases:
• Product-focused landing pages to drive conversions from your email campaign traffic.
• Use landing pages from ad / social media campaigns and collect info pushing it directly into your email marketing account. With Automation you can score leads and plan a marketing automation follow-up.
• Promote content / lead magnet and collect opt-ins and profile information when they click download. Then sync the data with the ESP and use Marketing Automation to send the resource and follow up.

sendinblue landingpages

Landing Pages in SendinBlue

The landing pages feature is available for all Premium plans on SendinBlue. It is housed in the Campaigns section of the platform Navigate to the “Campaigns” tab, to the “Landing Pages” option in the left menu and “Create a landing page.” From here, marketers can either start from scratch, use a customizable landing page template or copy and change a previously-created page.

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