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Send mass emails – A program for bulk email sending! FREE DOWNLOA…

Here’s how you can send mass emails to your customers or subcribers – Download the software for free here:

A program for bulk email sendings
– Flexible SMTP settings
– Proxy server support
– Detailed statistics
– Spam check
– Unsubscribe wizard
– Free templates

Atomic Mail Sender – incredible bulk mailer!

Plan, create, and send email messages. Monitor and receive your bulk email sending results inside the program!

– Complete set of functions necessary for mass email-sending
– Send bulk emails to an unlimited number of recipients
– Works with any SMTP server; the program has a built-in SMTP server
– Monitor the results of your campaigns through Atomic Email Tracker service and Google Analytics

Sending with bulk emailer is incredibly simple.

Download the software for free here:

Is it Worth Buying or Even Downloading a Free Trial?

What is it?

It is quite clear from the title that this in an email marketing application and the description on the website says “Atomic Mail Sender (AMS) is a program with built-in tracking facilities to design, send and monitor bulk personalized messages”.
What is it for?

The program is ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing and keeping in touch with customers.

Downloadable application, not a web service:

This is an important thing and it has both advantages and disadvantages. Let me explain. Mass mail applications send mail through your personal SMTP server (hosted on your website), your ISP’s SMTP server or a third-party SMTP. When a certain number of users mark emails from you as spam your server becomes blacklisted, which is not good and usually means you can no longer use the server. So I would highly recommend only using an application like this for campaigns where the users have actually stated that they wish to receive emails from you.

Ready to Google for a web-based email marketing service? Wait just yet… Before you can start using a web service you will have to ask for permission from the people in your mailing list to send emails to them. Basically you need to send a short note asking them to click the subscribe link if they want to receive newsletters from you. How many of them will click the link? Almost none!

So a stand-alone app is the way to go if you do not want to lose a part of your subscribers because of the double-optin procedure imposed by web services.

Download Mass Mail Software For Free:

I think Atomic Mail Sender is a good buy, you get an efficient and easy-to-use application for a reasonable price, but if you need more functions you probably better check out their all-in-one application, Email Studio.

Video about Email Studio (All-in-one email marketing solution that consists of 9 top email marketing programs):

Download Email Studio here:

Download Mail Sender here:

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