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Outlook Email Clean Up Tips…

This is Andrew I’m going the show you a couple tools within outlook
better help you clean up your mailbox most effectively first when it want to show you is if you have your outlook open near the top left corner and click file and you click the cleanup tools dropdown the first option is mailbox cleanup that’ll open up a small window so the two options right here in the middle are find items older then and find items
larger then so these goes will help you find either all the relevant e-mails or your largest emails are taking up the most space the most effective way to clear up the most space is use the larger then tool so by the fall it has spine items larded into her fifty kilobytes elected so we your typical email follows as to text you verb email you hey hello it is going to have simple taxed and only be maybe three kilobytes uh… if it was to its hatch you know PDF document or excel spreadsheet thank you get into the thousands of kilobytes or megabytes and those are going to get the most basing your inbox so we want to take out that two fifteen number I’m going to put in a thousand found so it’s going to find anything larger than a mail by it mean it find and it’s going to scan my entire mailbox was can expand this window uh… inside a scammer entire mailbox
Found all my lord as the emails uh… animus toward it by size by hitting the size tab right here I’m a scroll of and it shows me that my
largest emails of seventeen megabyte file so if it was the lead these top ten largest emails and they’re all there were ten megabytes it could easily clear a hundred makes where the space whereas it could go through thousands of emails that don’t have attachments where
They’re just text and it wouldn’t clear out nearly as much
Space is just a leading these top ten emails but that’s a for example you know deserved important attachments are want
To see these for later what it can do is if uh… it click on the
Smartest email a double click on it and open it up
Uh… and then from here it can either
Choose to save the entire email and the
Attachments or it don’t really care about
The content of the email just what the
Attachments it either or so to save the entire you know it know to file save ends and it’s going to ask me where it want to save it
I’ll just start up on the desktop
And if it just want to keep the
Attachments it can right click on one of
The attachments
Save all attachments an ass which ones it
Want to keep
Ahead ok
And then again it all asked me where he
Wants a vehicle from the desktop
And so now it have both a copy of the
Email with the attachments
And just the attachment by themselves so
Now I’m free to
Uh… to delete this e-mail metal free up
Quite a large space in my mailbox so again that’s the
The largest items tool
You can also use in that same window
Uh… the mailbox cleanup window
Uh… find items older then you could
Say in ninety days to Eric sixty five days
Their populate the same list of all your
Oldest emails delete or show you that you go back to
Your homes home tab right here in the top left corner
There’s a clean-up bidden and if you click that you don’t give you
Three options in the drop down clean up
Our station create a folder clips of
Folders and with the cleanup tool does is if you
Have a uh… a string of back and forth
Between someone so youth you know replied maybe ten times those create a lot of redundant emails and so with the clips who will do is
It’ll c
That you guys have gone back and forth
Multiple times
And I’ll delete all the previous emails
And leave the last email
With the entire thread and all the
Uh… still attached
Uh… and so that cleans up a
Significant amount of emails and so if it
Do cleanup conversation that’ll cleanup whatever you know it have
Specifically highlighted it’ll cleanup
Just that individual conversation
If it hit cleanup folder
Whatever folder I’m answer right now I’m
In my inbox
So it’s going to go through my entire inbox
Clean up all the car stations
Remove all the redundant messages to my
Deleted items folder
If it was that hit the third option
Cleanup folders in subfolders it’s going to
Do my inbox
And everything else
So to clean up conversations uh…
Tools pretty effective
But it would highly recommend going for
Your largest emails saving those
Attachments or just leaving them if you
Don’t need ‘me
And that that’s just a couple tips and
Tricks to help you
Who have your mailbox?

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