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Newton Mail App Overview – Best Mac Email Client…

Hey Guys this is Mac Guru and today I am giving you an overview of an application called Newton, which is an email client for Mac, iOS & Android that is designed to be clean and simple with the addition of a couple of extra features that make it the best email client for mac in my opinion.

Newton Mail:
Try Newton for free:


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About Newton Mail:

Simple. Beautiful. Reliable.
Rock-solid emailing built to delight, with push notifications for all your email accounts, on all your devices – iOS, Android & macOS.

Set your emails to come back to inbox at a more convenient time. Prioritize and pick them up at a later time when you’re ready to go.

Read Receipts
Know when your emails are read. Get read status of every email you send. Optionally, get notified as soon as they are read

Sender Profile
Know more about the people who email you. Get the sender’s job title, location, organization info, Linkedin, Twitter, AngelList and Facebook profiles.

Connected Apps
Stay tethered to your favourite productivity apps and save email content directly to them. Connect to Evernote, Zendesk, Asana, Trello, Todoist, OneNote, Salesforce and Pocket.

Send later
Schedule emails to be sent at the perfect time without having to wait for it.

Undo Send
Pull back that email blunder you just sent. Abort mission and relaunch.

Newton comes with the legacy of CloudMagic
Use Newton free for 14 days.
Pay $49.99/year only if you like to continue after the trial period.

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