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New Year, New Strategies: 2018 Email Marketing Predictions…

New Year, New Strategies: 2018 Email Marketing Predictions

If there is one thing that marketers know to
be a constant, it’s change. The rapid
proliferation of new technologies and improved quality of behavioral data have
drastically altered the way marketers connect with consumers across various
touchpoints. This year alone has seen an abundance of new communication
channels and a greater degree of connectedness. However, the one medium that
has consistently stood the test of time and proved itself capable of digital
evolution year after year is email marketing. As marketing strategies continue
to undergo digital transformation in 2018, email will demonstrate that it’s capable
of adapting yet again.

As technological disruption stands poised to
pick up speed in 2018, marketers must be prepared to adapt or risk falling
behind to competition. Read on for predictions and email marketing trends that
marketers can expect to see this coming year.

Jam-Packed Year of Personalization
While personalization has been top of mind for
marketers in the past, 2018 will undoubtedly reflect the real tipping point.
Equipped with troves of structured data, marketers finally have the necessary
resources to craft hyper-targeted campaigns that allow connection with
customers in authentic and relevant ways. In fact, a new Campaigner survey found that 68 percent
of marketers are prioritizing social media integration in 2018, which will
undoubtedly aid in personalizing the customer journey across multiple mediums
and touchpoints.

Gone are the days of simply browsing for a
product and making a transaction. With each purchase, consumers now expect to
engage in a personalized experience that speaks to their needs and
specifications. For this reason, it’s increasingly important for email marketers
to listen to their audience and properly segment their lists to deliver
relevant messages. The more that marketers cater their content to specific
characteristics they know about their customers, such as tastes, interests and
activities, the greater chance these messages have at resonating with

Predicts…Predictive Analytics!
One trend already making headwinds over the
past few months is predictive analytics, or the application of technology and
predictive tools to make smarter and more effective marketing decisions. With
predictive analytics, marketers are able to make informed choices based on
actual customer behaviors. By applying this to email marketing, marketers can
drive more conversions, boost engagement and ultimately increase their bottom

Throughout the course of 2017, select
businesses have experienced first-hand how predictive analytics is shaping up
to be a great way to sell smarter and sell more. As 2018 progresses, the
applications of predictive analytics will come into clearer focus and its
popularity will become more widespread. In fact, Campaigner found that 44 percent of marketers
plan to use predictive analytics more this coming year. With the availability
of new automation tools, improved cloud computing power and easier access to
vast amounts of data, marketers must make the implementation of predictive
analytics a top goal for 2018 or risk falling behind to competition.

Content Will Be King
Unique, personalized and well-written content
is critical to the success of any email marketing campaign. While text content
has reigned supreme for a number of years, 2018 will gift subscribers with new
content that is a bit more…visual. They say “a picture is worth a thousand
words,” but for email marketers, a video may be worth even more than that.

In their easily digestible format, videos
serve as an excellent way to convey a brand’s message in a creative and
interactive way. As more and more emails are being consumed on mobile phones,
video is an increasingly powerful medium that can grab consumers’ attention
even on the small screen. In fact, having a video embedded in an email can lead to a 200-300 percent higher
click-through rate. By implementing videos into their campaigns, email
marketers will be sure to see a boost in both engagement and bottom lines.

technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace and rewrite the script on
traditional marketing, 2018 will bring about an exciting year of disruption and
innovation. All of these advancements pushing the boundaries for marketing in
2018 will enable marketers to be more sophisticated, drive better returns and
continuously improve their email campaigns. Those marketers who make the
decision to embrace change and adopt the latest innovations will be the ones who
break through the noise and stand out in a crowded space.
EJ McGowan
VP & Managing Director

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