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Mobile email tips (DGS4 Recap)…

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Mobile email tips
What are your content strategies as more and more viewership, more and more engagement is taking place on mobile? How are your content strategies involving as you look at different devices?

Keep it short, stupid. – Anita Taylor, Hopscotch

Make sure your emails are responsive for all sizes. For email, if it is on mobile, you want to make sure that your call-to-action is at the top because people might not scroll to the bottom. Make sure that the webpage that you are going to is also mobile. Make sure that the content is short and sweet. I think that works. You will notice really fast whether or not it is working, if your call-to-action is wrong or your content isn’t good enough. Think about how people are using these devices and think about how you are using these devices. These people are people too and they don’t have all the time in the world. They might be sitting there taking lunch and they don’t have time for your email. – Sheena Graham, Relationship One

I received an email last night where the company wanted me to purchase something and I was all set to purchase it but the link on the email went to a site that was not mobile friendly so I had to go to my computer. At night this was kind of a pain so I thought about it. Make sure that there is a full mobile experience so that if people are getting an email, it is mobile friendly and they can follow it through to make the purchase. – Elizabeth Jacobi, Javelin Marketing

We really haven’t evolved properly in the regard for mobile friendly links for purchasing products. I think the most important thing that you can do is figure out what the possibilities are, figure out what the best practices are and figure out what matters most to your universe. Really prioritize those things that matter. Make sure that you are doing one of them really, really well and then the next one, really, really well. You can’t do all things really, really well so pick and choose and prioritize. – Rikke Alderson, Big 5 Sporting Goods

Know where your audience is looking at your emails. If you are seeing only 20% on mobile then maybe that isn’t a priority, but you should still learn how to code responsive HTML emails or know somebody in your company who can learn or knows how to do so. At my previous company, we saw our engagement go from 20% to 60% in a year and immediately we knew what we had to do. We had to move all of our emails to a mobile version. It is important to make sure that things are mobile responsive and when Apple Watch came out, we were not focusing on tech but this made us feel like we should be focusing on tech. We monitored what the engagement was on Apple Watch to see if we needed to focus on that. Look at the different areas and watch your engagement figures. – Justin Freeman, LegalZoom

As we move into different devices and the Internet of everything, the technology companies that have provided all of these new devices will leave companies by the wayside if you can’t keep up. For example, we are seeing more Apple Watches and as that becomes more popular, marketers need to be aware. Marketers should respond to what people are most commonly using. This is especially true as we move into further out technology such as the potential future of Apple in the car industry. Marketers need to be aware of how the content reads, how Siri might pronounce words, how the content would look, etc. It brings you back to fundamental concepts of information and messaging. Think about what you are trying to do with the email and what the purpose of the email is. Don’t get too caught up in this idea that there was a little bit of success by doing things one way so now that way has to be the only way. Don’t let your competitors move into a new technology sphere without you. Be cognizant of where things might be headed in terms of wearables and new technology. – Justin Soni, Silverpop Systems

Don’t be afraid of a plain email. People like emails from people, not companies so one of the emails you can try is a simple email that looks like it was typed by a person in gmail or outlook. Avoiding the flashy graphics of standard emails. – Anita Taylor, Hopscotch


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