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Last Day to Join Persuasive Copywriting, and a Punch in the Mouth…

Heads up: The introductory rate for our Persuasive Copywriting 101 Course is ending today, November 1, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific U.S. Time. After that, we’ll close the course for a few weeks — and when we re-open, the registration fee will be significantly higher.

Click here to get all the details: Persuasive Copywriting 101

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman had a conversation with Loryn Cole about smart communication practices when we work on complex projects. No matter how big or small a company you work for, Loryn’s ideas will help you get better clarity with your colleagues. (These are great tips for client communication, as well.)

On Tuesday, content strategist Lacy Boggs joined us to outline the three big, important strategic questions we all need to answer when we’re thinking about what to do next with our content.

And on Wednesday, Copyblogger founder Brian Clark dropped by to punch Facebook in the mouth. I don’t even want to spoil it for you with any details — just go read it. The Great Facebook Video Swindle

Over on Copyblogger FM, I talked about the three (plus one) foundational elements for effective persuasive copy. I believe that all of the copywriting tips, tactics, and techniques we learn are in service to these overarching goals.

And on The Writer Files, author and comedy writer James Breakwell joined Kelton Reid to talk about his rise to viral Twitter fame, juggling multiple writing projects, and how he balances family and his writing career.

That’s the week’s content — enjoy it, and we’ll catch you next Thursday!

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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