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Join the Copyblogger Book Club and Dive into a ‘Killer’ Resource …

Love to Read and Learn? Join the Copyblogger Book Club

Did you know that Copyblogger has a book club?

It’s very new, so it would be understandable if you didn’t! We’re just in our second month, and this month we’re going to tackle an ultra helpful resource for anyone who wants to sharpen up their “killer” skill set — Ryan Levesque’s Ask.

Ryan is a friend of mine, but that’s not the reason I’m recommending his book. I find that even for those of us who are sold on the benefits of audience-friendly automation, the whole “where should I start” thing can be a lot to think about.

Ryan developed the Ask Method as a step-by-step process for learning more about your audience, then serving them better based on that knowledge.

In the book club, we’re going to unpack the four cornerstone pieces of Levesque’s process, with a week on each one. We’ll talk about some easy, practical ways to implement each strategy quickly. We’ll also share tips and insights we’ve learned in our own experiments.

We conduct the book club inside our Killers and Poets Facebook group — a cozy, drama-free little corner of Facebook where we like to talk copywriting strategy, ask and answer questions, and occasionally commiserate over those head-desk career moments. (Hey, we all have them.)

(If “killers and poets” seems like a weird phrase, here’s where it comes from.)

I totally get it if you’re paring back your time on Facebook — so am I. I’ll often dash on, swing by Killers and Poets to see what’s up, then dash out again. The community is growing but still compact, so it’s not a time sink.

Here’s the link to join the group.

Please note that you will not be approved unless you answer the questions! They’re there to keep the spammers to a minimum, and they do quite a good job of it. Your answers don’t have to be amazing; they just have to make minimal sense in a language I can read. 🙂

You are welcome to buy the book or get it from the library, and the links here are not affiliate links.

Book club conversations are easy to find inside the group — we’ll be marking these threads with the hashtag #bookclublevesque.

We had some fun conversations around last month’s book, and I know we will with this as well. Hope to see you there!

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