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Introducing Copyblogger’s Guide to the Best WordPress Hosting, Th…

Brian Clark launched Copyblogger in 2006.

That’s a long time ago, let alone in internet years. In online time, it might as well have been before he was born.

Remember, the first iPhone wasn’t released until 2007.

A lot has changed since then, and Copyblogger has been right here in the trenches the entire time, providing trusted advice about words that work for digital marketing and sales to millions of people.

But you might actually be surprised at how much has stayed the same.

Fads come and go. Tactics change. Voices appear, then fade away. But there are a few fundamental mindsets, strategies, and tools that have served as a throughline to get us from 2006 to today.

One of those tools is WordPress. Today, the internet’s most popular content management system has an entire ecosystem built around it. You just have to choose the best options for your needs.

So, we’ve distilled everything we’ve learned about running a successful WordPress website into one comprehensive guide.

WordPress: Still the one

Copyblogger launched on WordPress. Copyblogger principal Brian Gardner started the entire WordPress premium market back in 2007, and Brian Clark popularized the first premium design framework in 2008.

Those pioneering efforts evolved into a business with 8 figures in annual revenue powered by design tools, hosting, and plugins for WordPress. WP Engine stepped up earlier this year and acquired our StudioPress division in order to expand the reach of the framework Copyblogger made into a WordPress industry standard.

With this foundational expertise, we know WordPress as well as anyone. We know which hosts, themes, and plugins you should trust to power your website — and which ones you shouldn’t.

Why not put all that knowledge in one place?

Good idea. That’s exactly what we did. 🙂

  • What are the best options for WordPress hosting?
  • Which WordPress themes can you trust?
  • What kind of security tools will protect your site?
  • Which SEO tools deliver benefits that are worth the price?
  • How do you know which plugins provide the best functionality?

We provide our very best recommendations on one page, ready for you to use as a reference point.

Check it whenever you want to ensure that your WordPress setup is optimized for publishing content, building an audience, selling online courses — or whatever your business objective may be.

Here it is:

The Copyblogger Guide to the Best WordPress Tools: Hosting, Themes, Plugins, SEO, Security, and More

May the full force and power of WordPress be with you.

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