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Infusionsoft Review- Marketing Automation Software – Email Market…

Click to view Infusionsoft’s product demo and see what this software can do for you. I put together this video to show you what Infusionsoft can do for your business. Are you just sending out email broadcasts to your list and not keeping track of what part of the process your prospects are in? This Automated Marketing Software allows you to map out your entire marketing strategy.

You have to start with a lead magnet. That can be a free ebook, video course, audio program, coupon code (something free is better) ect. You then need to deliver on that service usually with a follow up email. Like in the video let’s say that you wanted to track those who actually clicked the link to download your ebook. You would then put those leads into a different sequence of emails than those who haven’t downloaded your book. This CRM Software will put your marketing strategy on steroids.

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