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How To Write Business Emails That Get Results – Email Tips for Sa…

Sales people, business leaders and marketing types are always looking for the magic dust when it comes to writing emails.

Well, in this video, you’ll see why most ‘persuasion techniques’ fail when it comes to email. It’s not because your writing is weak.

It’s not because you use the wrong font. It’s much deeper than that. It has to do with the state of mind you’re in when you write them.

And once you’re done with the video, head over to to check out the 20 most common scenarios that create ’email opportunities.’ I think you’ll find some you recognize.

*****The 20 Pre-Written Emails****
1. The Introduction Email
2. Email the Agenda Upfront
3. A Deal Has Become Stuck or Stalled
4. Email to Follow Up From a Meeting
5. New Person in Process
6. Email to Get Out of Emailing
7. Connecting Someone to Someone Else
8. The Thank You Email
9. The Sales Resistance Email
10. Email to Potential Strategic Partner

11. Email to a Cold Prospect
12. Email to a Cold Connector
13. The “It’s Been a While” Email
14. Email With Information Attached
15. An Email Invitation
16. The Follow Up Email
17. A Different Person in an Organization Email
18. LinkedIn Warm
19. First Email From Website
20. The Response to Request for Information


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