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How to Grow an Email List from Scratch…

How to Grow an Email List from Scratch

Learning how to build an
email list from scratch sounds intimidating, but with the right tools it can be
very simple. Your email list is one of the most important things when it comes
to a successful email marketing campaign, but if you’re not sure where to
start, take a look at these four quick tips below:
Leverage Social Media
Share content that links
web pages with your opt-in forms. The quality of your shared content has a big
impact on the interaction your brand receives. Share content your ideal
customer would engage with willingly. Once they click on the page, it will allow
them to sign up for your mailing list.
You can also run a
contest and drive people to sign up that way. Online contests are a great way to engage your
customers and keep the conversation going. Add in a hashtag and encourage your followers to share on their social
channels for an additional entry. Contests are also a great way to grow your
list and promote brand awareness by demonstrating your commitment to satisfying
Host a Webinar
If you are hosting
webinars or any kind of online events, add a little check box asking permission
to send your customers email updates from your business. This is a great way to
grow your list from people who wouldn’t normally go to your site. 
Ask at checkout
Make collecting emails a
part of your checkout process. If you have a physical location, you can have an
email signup sheet prominently placed at checkout or have your cashiers ask
when your customers pay. If you are online, you can use pop-ups or calls to
action to capture a customer’s email before they leave the page.
Utilize the Company Blog
It’s simple. Post a sign
up form on all pages of your blog. Let people know they can sign up to receive
monthly emails from you OR have them notified when a new blog post goes live.
If your readers are really interested in reading your posts they will no doubt sign up to receive emails. From there, you can send them special offers, tips,
webinar invites. etc.
Have you tried any of
these tips? We know starting a new marketing adventure can be daunting, but with
the right tools it can be easy. Give email marketing a try today and know
Campaigner is here to help! 

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