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How to Filter Emails in Yahoo – Yahoo Email Services…

You can use filters to automatically move incoming messages into any of your folders. This video shows you how to set up and use filters.

Sort incoming emails using Yahoo Mail filters
Keep a clean Inbox and stay organized by using email filters to sort incoming messages into folders.

What are filters?
Filters don’t stop spam.

Filters tell incoming emails what folder they should be delivered to. They can reduce clutter in your Inbox and help keep you organized. You can even set up filters to direct unwanted emails to your Trash folder.

You can create up to 200 filters.
Using filters
Filters can’t be created in in Basic Mail. If you want to use filters in Basic Mail, you can switch to full-featured Yahoo Mail, create your filters, then switch back to Basic Mail. The filters will still work when using Basic Mail.

How to Filter Emails in Yahoo – Yahoo Email Services


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