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How to Capture Millennials' Attention With Your Emails…

How to Capture Millennials’ Attention With Your Emails

Ahhh, Millennials. They seem to be all
over the news these days.
There are those stories about how they
supposedly put avocado toast before homeownership. Or how they’re the “me,
me, me” generation
, being coddled because they need “trigger warnings” before they read or hear about
sensitive subjects.
Despite the many negative Millennial stereotypes,
this generation 
 born approximately from 1982 to 2004  is one of the most
important audiences for marketers.
This year, Millennials in the United
States spent $200 billion 
 and in 2018 they’ll have the most
spending power out of all the generations. As Millennials get better jobs,
establish families and trade avocado toast for homes, they’re going to be
spending a lot more money.
Want to boost your brand in the new
year? Then it’s time to focus on this younger generation. And how exactly, do
you ask, can you succeed with marketing to Millennials?

Well, that’s easy. Email.
Millennials and
 A Perfect Match
Millennials may adore Snapchat,
Instagram, and Facebook, but they’re also in love with email.

In fact, Millennials are obsessed with email. More than half of the generation
aged 18 to 24 check their emails first thing in the morning, and 43% of those
aged 25 to 34 do the same. Those in the latter group say they’re far more
likely than other age groups to check emails when they are doing things like
watching TV and enjoying their vacation.
So here are a few ways you can target
this precious audience in 2018 and beyond.
1. Make Emails Short
and to the Point
Millennials don’t have time for
long-winded emails. In fact, they don’t have much time for anything, because
their attention spans are so short. According to CNBC and comScore, Millennials
will only tolerate an ad for five to six seconds.
The youngins want content that doesn’t
take up too much of their time. “Make sure your subject lines and body copy are
short and to the point,” says Richard Howe, email marketing consultant for Colour Rich. The average subject line is between 41 to 50 characters, so
keep it quick and concise, and Millennials will be more likely to click.
2. Keep it
People in the Millennial generation look at their phones 150 times per day, and some of that
time is spent checking their emails. That means your emails better be
“Millennials are as mobile-friendly as
any generation, which makes it imperative to optimize your content for mobile
platforms,” says Nate Masterson, marketing manager of Maple Holistics.
“Not only do you need to shift some focus to the mobile layout of your
marketing emails, but it needs to be the primary focus of your efforts.”

3. Be Visual
Millennials are all about the visual
content, so “use visuals, like GIFs,” says Matthew Dunn, chief explainer at Vid.One. He cites a recent Harris
poll, which states that millennials
love stickers
, emojis, and GIFs because “images better communicate their
thoughts and feelings than words do.” GIFs are a big hit among this generation.
According to the poll, nearly two-thirds of Millennials report that GIFs “did
the job better than words.”

4. Be relevant
Don’t send Millennials emails they
don’t want or they’ll give you the digital death stare – AKA unsubscribe from
your newsletter. Make sure they’ve actually chosen to subscribe and that you
segment them by interest or audience type.
“You can earn trust by sending relevant
emails every once in a while,” says Harrison Brady, communications specialist
at Frontier Communications.
“You’ll quickly lose trust if you frequently send irrelevant content.
Irrelevant content is the number one way that you will get ‘blacklisted.’”
Better yet, get people-based in your
emails. Make use of dynamic content and real-time, machine learning technology
to personalize and optimize content to the individual. Use intent data expressed on your website to enhance their
experience and automatically personalize creatives that promote relevant
products within your emails.
Millennials are going to be one of your
best audiences in 2018. So optimize your email marketing accordingly and you’ll
augment your bottom line.
Kylie Ora Lobell

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