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EmailSuccess now offers free on-premises MTA version…

EmailSuccess, the on-premises MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) server, has changed its offer to include a new free MTA. According to EmailSuccess they are the first one to offer a free MTA like this. The on-premise technology is now available in three versions: free, standard and enterprise.

EmailSuccess handles one of the most critical aspects of email campaign management, deliverability and Inbox placement. That means the tool handles the sending and the ability to deliver messages to its recipients’ inboxes.

CTO Fabio Masini tells us that they decided to differentiate their offer from that of their competitors by offering a free version of the MTA.

“This is to meet the needs of companies that don’t need to send large volumes of emails, but still require a professional email sending tool for reasons of security and system integration.”

EmailSuccess MTA AutoTuning functionality

The AutoTuning functionality in the MTA, allows the sending process to be managed professionally. Sometimes called adaptive email delivery, AutoTuning defines ISP provider-specific delivery and error management rules. For instance handle email to Gmail differently than Outlook, Yahoo and the many many other inbox providers. EmailSuccess can adapt its own behavior in order to maximize deliverability.

autotuning configuration window emailsuccessAutoTuning config settings

Other notable MTA functionality in EmailSuccess:

  • Simplify the management of hard and soft bounces and their related statistics.
  • Automatically manage IP warmup.
  • Generate reports that can be later handled by external monitoring systems to verify results and sending performances.
  • Integrate with deliverability and authentication monitoring systems such as dmarcian, 250ok, Postmastery.

The APIs are already available in the free version. With the API you can integrate the sending process with your backend systems (CMS, eCommerce, ERP, etc.). The API allows you to send emails to EmailSuccess and check their status. EmailSuccess can be integrated with existing systems but give you more control over delivery configurations throughout the process.

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Free MTA license

The free MTA license of EmailSuccess allows companies to send up to 100.000 emails a day over a maximum of two IPs. All other features of the Mail Transfer Agent, including the AutoTuning functionality are available without limitation.

In the free MTA version, EmailSuccess also allows setting specific rules for each individual ISP, define separate IP pools, as well as implementing and supporting all the latest authentication technologies such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

The free version is suitable for all companies wanting a professional email delivery tool without needing to invest in licensing costs.

Standard and Enterprise MTA licence

The standard version of the MTA allows one to send unlimited emails and manage unlimited IP addresses. And gives access to support by a specialized helpdesk. The standard MTA version is suitable for businesses with more structured requirements and the need to send high volumes of emails.
The enterprise version integrates with the MagNews on-premises email campaign management platform.

Diennea, of the company behind EmailSuccess, has been working on technologies for the creation, management and sending of marketing campaigns for over 20 years.
More information on their website.

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