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Email Verifier – Email Verification Service…

Why is it so important for online businesses to verify email addresses?

Email Verifier ( is the world’s first enterprise-grade cloud-based transactional email verification service, compatible with all programming languages.

Signup today and your first 100 email address verifications are FREE at


98% is the highest accuracy rate in the entire email verification industry.

Supporting many providers that our competitors cannot including Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more.

Operating from the cloud the average response time is just milliseconds.

Operating behind an SSL layer coupled with our proprietary 2-way encryption method, requests to the api are always safe.

Verify a list of emails, verify emails 1 at a time or integrate our API into your website or application to check emails in realtime at the point of entry.

Out of the box Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel integrations to query Email Verifier API from directly inside of your spreadsheets.

Bounces, Spam Traps, Honey Pots, Frequent Complainers, Disposables, Role Accounts, Free Providers, Offensive Words, Gibberish detection and many more.



– 31% of all email addresses will go bad in just 1 year on average.

– If just 5% of your emails are bad, less than 61% will be delivered.

– If 10% of your emails are bad, less than 43% will be delivered.

– 68% of online forms are intentionally completed inaccurately by partially interested leads.

– 47% of business professionals change atleast 1 element on their business cards yearly.

– 7% of manually entered email addresses contain a typo or mispelling accidentally.

– 70% of the billions of emails sent each day, will not reach the inbox due to poor sending habits.


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