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Email Marketing Tricks and Treats for Halloween…

Email Marketing Tricks and Treats for Halloween

It’s been said that Halloween is the third favorite
holiday among Americans, so as a business owner, it’s important to take advantage
of that. It gives you a chance to connect with your email subscribers in a fun
and effective way.
Many businesses solely focus on Halloween a week or
two before the holiday, however, a great way to stay ahead of your competition is to
plan a month long campaign. This will excite your subscribers and get them
ready for the offers you plan to send their way.
#1 Customize
your email design
A spooky Halloween email campaign seems like a given
right? Wrong! Many email marketers don’t take the time to properly build a nice
template. Take time and sit with your design team to build a fun email template
(or templates) that will resonate with your customers and show off your best
products or services for Halloween.
#2 A month long
Don’t plan an email campaign for just the week of
Halloween. Develop a plan that will go on a month before Halloween, if you can.
Also intertwine your email marketing efforts with other marketing activities
like social media. A contest is a great way to knit together email and social.
It could also help you grow your mailing list by getting your business in front
of people who wouldn’t normally have visability to your brand.
#3 Offer
holiday-themed freebies
Conjure up incentives for your subscribers. Offer
something that you can give to your subscribers when they purchase from you
during Halloween season. Get creative! A fun Halloween treat could possibly set
you apart from the competition. You could throw in a fun Halloween promo,
candy, free shipping, etc.
#4 Utilize
landing pages or Halloween-themed imagery
If you are selling insurance or offer an online service, you can still incorporate Halloween into your campaigns. Create fun tips or
tricks that have Halloween imagery, or create an entertaining, Halloween-themed, landing
page that links from your email campaigns to keep your subscribers engaged and
interested in the offer you are presenting.
#5 Scare your
contacts with fun subject lines
Subject lines make all the difference when it comes to
open rates. The use of emojis in subject lines have been declining, however you can actually utilize
A/B split testing to see what resonates with your contacts. Your subscribers may still respond
well to a fun emoji popping up in their email inbox. Industry
standards don’t always apply across the board, so be sure to take time to figure out what works and what doesn’t with your readers.
#6 Host a
customer costume contest
Engage your customers with an online costume contest.
This may take a little extra work but, if you have the bandwidth, it will create
customer engagement on your social media channels. Build an email campaign to
let people know that you are hosting an online Halloween party and you want to see
their best costumes! Have customers share their costumes on social media with a
dedicated hash tag. You could even have them email you photos if they prefer to
do it that way. This creates a lot of online buzz about your brand, which could
turn into more sales and a larger follower base. Offer the contest winner a
free prize of $X amount off the next time they buy from you.

Have you
tried any of these tips? Let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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