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Email Marketing: Different Types of Email Services…

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in this video i wanna talk you through
the different types a

email service which is also known as a
autoresponder service

but before I do let me just talk it
through how the whole system works

what happens is someday come she a
squeeze page

and they entered the information
normally their first name

and email address into the box on your
squeeze page

but data then get sent to your email
service or

autoresponder company and a store that

on their database they’ll send

the subscriber a confirmation

email and when that arrives

in the inbox the subscriber clicks on
the link

to confirm that they wish to receive
emails from you

then two things will probably happen
this is who I but will be

redirected to your download page they
can download your free give away

and a message will be sent back to the

autoresponder company’s database this is
known as double opted

and then it’s noted on the

company’s database that this subscriber
has confirmed

and has given their consent to receive
emails from you

and then emails are sent out

in order and on schedule now and the

a secondary process as well you right
and shed jewel the emails you log on to


autoresponder company’s site and you
write your emails and you can

personalize them with the person’s first

and you put other information in as well
that changes with each email

and this all gets told

in the autoresponder company’s database
and then

the emails are sent out in order and

on schedule so that’s basically how the
process works

and it works that way regardless all

which type

autoresponder service you use the only
difference being

if you decide to go down the self-hosted
route then

the database is on your server rather
than the

court responder companies other but that
in a nutshell

is how the whole process works now

when it comes to sending out emails
you’ve got

to options you can either use

an autoresponder service and if you’re
just starting out

then that’s probably the best one to use
especially if you’re on shared hosting

and the autoresponder company will take
care of everything

for you they will take care storing all
your data

they would take care all sending out the

they will take care of handing all the
bounces all the unsubscribe

and so on and they charge monthly fee
and the fee structure varies depending

on the company that you use

then there are lotsa different companies
out there and I expect a bit more about

that later in the video

the other option is to go self-hosted

and if you are sending a lot emailed

you know several hundred every minute or
something like that then it might not be

a bad idea to

goes self-hosted because some
autoresponder services will charge you

depending on how many emails that you
send out so it can sometimes reach the

point where

you’re spending a lot of money on
autoresponder service

and then buying the autoresponder
software and hosting on your own server

and may be hiring someone to look after
it for you

then becomes an option but

in order to do this properly you really
do need a dedicated server

or a virtual private server or PPS

and a lot attendant call knowledge

is required now won t must bear in mind

is is easier to go from an autoresponder

to a self-hosted situation rather than
the other way around

cause if you have a database the

and you decide that you’d rather have an
autoresponder service

and you upload all these names and email

on-chip auto responder services database
then they are going to expect

everybody to opt in again so they’ll

the double opt in confirmation email all
over again

and you’ll find that a lot of people
can’t be bothered to do that so you’ll


colossal for subscribers if you do it
that way

so it’s best to start of with auto
responder service

and then your lhasa people loss a big

I am gurus still use note responder

but if you do you wanna go self-hosted
is best do that later on

rather than in the beginning if you
decide to go with the service there’s a

few different ones that you can choose

probably the most popular one is a Weber

which you can find here at a Weber doc
calm then there’s get response

which is get response top calm and if
you’re outside at the US

it’ll redirect you to the local site for
example here in the UK its

get response top cut UK and then there’s

which is MailChimp dot com now they’re

slightly different even though they all
work on the same principle

the slightly different is and the way
that they work

and a in their pricing structure so

is probably best to take a look at all
of them

and decide which one works best for you


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