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Email Campaigns | Email Marketing Tips | Part 4…

Importance of an Email List for Effective Email Campaign

To carry out effective email campaigns, it is important that one has to first have an effective email list. Having an email list is the most important asset to any email marketer. Most email marketing specialists equate email list to money being saved in the bank. This is because an effective email lists contains customers who are interested in a specific service and product making it easier for you to inform them of any new product or service.

Email lists have also proved to have a higher conversation rate than any other marketing method as people can easily ignore status updates and tweets but cannot ignore an email with products or services that they are interested in.

Even though you may have optimized your site, email lists will enable you retain these visitors and make them access your site directly. In addition, your site may fail to rank number one in the near future and if you had not recruited any customer to your email list, your business would be on its downfall.

Having email lists is very effective as compared to Social media marketing. With social media, you can have very few followers or friends in your pages. In addition, these followers or friends might not be interested in your service or product. The advent of fake followers and likes has also made email lists better than social media.

How to Build an Effective Email List

You can easily build and effective email list through the following ways.

· Have email sign up boxes in your webpages

· Give visitors an option to become members of your site

· Give incentives such as free eBooks to visitors who sign up

· Make a VIP section in your site with sign up as the access pass

Even though it may take time, having your own email list is advantageous buying lists from PLR sites can result in buying email addresses of dead people, emails of people not interested in your product or email addresses of people who will label you as a spammer.

Once you have created your email list for your email campaigns, it is important to ensure you manage it effectively. Having an email marketing software is very important as it makes every aspect of your email campaign easy to execute and as straightforward for customers as possible. In addition, having an email marketing software like Aweber and Constant contact will enable you deliver more results in any future email campaigns you may have.


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