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Dropshipping secrets: Best Email Marketing Setup Service To Start…

👀 Need more repeat customers? Don’t know how to create engaging emails that convert? Want to gain hassle-free sales from most of your store visitors? Then keep watching!

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👋My name is Anna and I want to introduce you to our email marketing setup for your online store.

👌We create emails that can encourage your store visitors or former customers to come to your site again and again without any effort from your side! Each of the emails is unique and contains the info about your store products and best deals.

With our help, you can skip all the tech part of emails creation and spend this time doing what you really like. Rely on our professionals and get automated emails working for years to come!

🔍🔍🔍What happens after you order Email Setup? Let me explain to you how the process goes!

1) FORMS. Right after you purchase the preferred package, you should fill in the forms. We need access to your MailChimp account to create your emails right there so that you’ll need just to click a single button and start them any time you’re ready!

2)STORE CHECK. Before our email marketing experts hit their stride, they analyze your store to understand your branding and target audience. Then they can hone in on the benefits the potential customer gets from your products.

3)PRODUCT/CATEGORIES SELECTION. Our team draws on expertise and experience to select the best products and categories for your store’s follow-ups.

4)FOLLOW-UP CREATION. Then finally we open your MailChimp account to start the magic! We write catchy subject lines that will bring you a sky-high open rate. We add amazing text and feature the selected products. So, your emails effectively portray your products and motivate customers to come back to your store and make an impulse purchase!

5. GET READY FOR MORE ORDERS. When your service is ready, we send you an email telling you that your responsive follow-ups featuring your store’s products and categories are ready!
You get custom email templates that you can use to make even more emails on your own for future promotions! This saves your time & money.

😊Don’t worry about how you will do this. We’ll attach a Guide to follow-up creation in MailChimp.

🎯Right after you turn on these follow-ups, your sales numbers climb. All by keeping your customers engaged with excellent marketing emails. We are waiting for your order!


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