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Copyblogger Certification Is Open to New Writers (Limited Time)…

Heads up: We just opened the doors to enrollment in our Copyblogger Certification program. If you’re a writer with a terrific writing voice and the desire to learn rock-solid strategy, we’d love to see you there. 🙂

If we had you at Hello, you can jump in here: Learn more about joining Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer program

(And if you’re in our Authority community, make sure you’re logged in so you can get your substantial member discount.)

Certification is our program that lets the world know about excellent content marketers.

It’s designed to help you turn your back on the soul-sucking moments when it feels like you’ll never get a solid handle on finding great clients.

And maybe even turn your back on self-doubt and impostor syndrome that can creep up on the best of us.

We don’t do a ton of videos or webinars to promote this program, mainly because … the people who will benefit from it tend to jump right in.

“Yes, I think it would benefit my career if Copyblogger publicly declared I was fantastic at both writing voice and strategy.”

Most writers tend to know instantly whether or not this statement would be true for them.

Here’s what’s in Certification, in a nutshell:

  • A four-week content strategy course, taught by me and Brian Clark. This gives you the big picture for both your own business and your clients’. We’ll also help you with the strategic conversations you’ll want to have (we include client conversation worksheets), so you can deliver fantastic results.
  • Two prospecting workshops (as part of our Authority community) on how to reach out to new clients. You’ll learn how to make finding new clients a regular, painless habit.
  • A year of access to ongoing education. These are sessions to keep your skills sharp that cover topics like SEO, social media marketing, automation, content strategy, and more.
  • The opportunity to apply to become one of our recommended Certified Content Marketers, and be featured on the “Hire a Writer” section of the Copyblogger site.

All of the lessons include recordings and transcripts, and the course is designed for you to follow at your own pace.

It’s important to know that our Certification isn’t a multiple-choice kind of thing. Every application is closely reviewed by a member of our editorial team. (I review many of them myself.) We look closely at your writing style, your content strategy, and your ability to write engaging, useful work.

Those who pass are genuinely an elite group. They’re the writers who make us feel confident saying:

“This person will do an amazing job with your content.”

Like everything we offer, you have 30 days to make sure the program is a good fit for you. Attend the strategy sessions. Complete the worksheets with some clients (or for your own writing business). Start using the techniques from the prospecting workshops to make regular outreach a part of your workweek.

Even before you apply for your Certification, you’ll see a massive difference in your confidence, strategy, and professionalism.

And if you implement what you learn, you’ll transform your writing career.

You can get started with us here: Enroll in Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer program

(And just a reminder — if you’re part of our Authority community, make sure you’re logged in, so we can apply your substantial discount!)

Time is limited …

If all of that close, individual review sounds like it would be time-intensive … it is. 🙂 That’s one reason why we normally open Certification to new students just once a year.

Enrollment for 2018 will close on Wednesday, September 26 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Don’t procrastinate on this one, because your next opportunity probably won’t come before late 2019.

Join us today

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