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Convertkit Review and Demo | Best Email Marketing Services | Build List Email Fast: http://yoursuccesslife.com/convertkit/
ConvertKit is an email service provider that is specifically marketed towards bloggers, podcasters, and other businesses who are building audiences.

What is ConvertKit?
ConvertKit includes many of the same features that you are used to if you have ever used an email service provider before. So if you are making the switch over to ConvertKit, the learning curve should be very small.

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The only terminology you might not be used to is that autoresponder series in ConvertKit are called Sequences.

The first thing that stands out though when you first login to your ConvertKit account is how nice and polished everything looks.

Leads can be collected via web forms or through landing pages that you can create within the ConvertKit editor.

Sending Emails
While your subscribers are going through your automated sequences, there still may be times you want to send out one-off emails as well. Perhaps you want to do a product promotion. Or maybe you want to announce a webinar you are putting together.

For that you can send out a broadcast email and ConvertKit has a couple of nice features that makes this process work even better.

To start your broadcast, you first need to choose which subscribers you want to send it out to.

ConvertKit works a little differently then say Aweber, where all your subscribers are grouped into separate lists. Instead, your subscribers are all in one big account list.

Using tags to personalize your emails

ConvertKit recently introduced this feature to segment subscribers within emails! This is a really neat, although some people might be intimidated by the syntax since it’s a little like programming.

Lets say you wanted to offer your VIP customers a special discount, but have everyone else get the normal price.

You’d write your email like this.

Auto resend broadcasts to unopens

Whenever you send out broadcast emails, a certain percentage of your subscribers will not open your emails. Perhaps your email headline wasn’t the best, or maybe they were too busy at the time to read.

ConvertKit has a really awesome feature that lets you re-target these people who didn’t open your email the first time.

To do this, just click on any of your previous broadcast emails. On this stats page, there is a button called Resend to Unopens. When pressed, it will take you through the broadcast email workflow again, but this time only targeting these unopened subscribers.

It’s such a useful feature and it really will maximize each email you send out.

Lead magnet double optin

Lastly, if you use lead magnets to collect more leads, ConvertKit makes it even simpler for your subscribers to double-opt in.

Instead of the standard boring double optin email, your visitor will see this email when they subscribe.
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ConvertKit Automation
What makes ConvertKit stand out though are its automation features, which are really simple to create.

Automation is a game-changer with email marketing because you can use it to automatically segment your lists into subscribers with similar interests.

o instead of sending always sending email broadcasts to one huge list, you can send out more targeted broadcasts and/or courses that cater to a smaller subset of your subscribers.

ConvertKit currently offers these 8 different triggers and 7 different actions.


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