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Campaign Monitor Introduces Behavioural Email Marketing…

Campaign Monitor launched new features including advanced segmentation, emails based on behavioural customer data, activity-triggered email journeys allowing for further email content personalisation.

Segment, Automate, Personalise

Campaign Monitor, a well-known email service provider used by 200.000 companies around the world, introduced new behaviour based email marketing features. According to the email software provider, using personalisation can increase average revenue by 20%. These new features help segment and automate personalised journeys in order to improve results.

Let’s see what the new updates are.

The more data the better for behavioural email marketing

Campaign Monitor launched 3 new ways to bring in more information about consumers behaviour into the tool. According to them, there is no limit to the number of data sources you can integrate.

Website activity

A javascript based snippet embedded in various places of the company website can send data about the email subscribers’ browsing, clicking and viewing activity.

Campaign Monitor 2

Purchase activity

Campaign Monitor users can use Shopify data integration for customer segmentation.

Campaign Monitor 7

Activities from third party apps

Information about various activities can be sent via Campaign Monitor’s API. These activities can include data from applications like the user’s products, mobile apps, booking system, or data warehouse.

Campaign Monitor 03-Rich-customer-data

Segmentation and Smarter Personalisation

Secondly, Campaign Monitor launched a new audience builder that allows building dynamic, behaviour-based segments. In this tool, data can be used to create groups based on how consumers are behaving, how often they engage, and other information captured, and deliver the most relevant content to the subscribers.

The new audience builder can update the segments based on new information, so these dont have to be manually refreshed. Its new features include:

  • Automatically move individuals in or out segments.
  • Combine behavior with static subscriber data.
  • Use relative dates and aggregation to refine the segments.

Campaign Monitor segmentation rules

Example of Segmentation rules

Updated Activity-triggered Journeys

Campaign Monitor users could already setup automatic triggers and choose a desired action to trigger emails relevant to their place in the customer journey. The new triggered journey builder is very similar to what Campaign Monitor had before. What is different in the new release is that behavioural data can now also be part of the journey, making the triggers more personalised.

Setting up these triggers will often require some help from a technical apt person / developer to make sure that the right data sources are in place.

Campaign Monitor 4

Activity-triggered email journey example in Campaign Monitor

1:1 email content build stronger relationships

Campaign Monitor introduced a new content type within the drag-and-drop email builder. The custom code block is available through behavioural based triggers. It allows users to code within the email itself and help deliver scripted / coded content to each individual subscriber. This would require a developer who has some experience with (email) html.

For example, a travel company would like to trigger a personalised email for its VIP member who booked a flight. The email with details for their trip will be sent automatically and include some excursions to make their vacation planning more complete.

Campaign Monitor 6

Flight Center example in Campaign Monitor

New Advanced Plan with Individual Pricing

On Campaign Monitor’s pricing page visitors can see the newly introduced package, called the “Advanced” plan. This includes everything that is already in the “Premier” package plus all the new behaviour email marketing features, as well as a dedicated Customer Support Manager.

The CSM facilitates all the upgrades via the Sales team and guides the Campaign Monitor customers through what they need for their business.

Exact pricing will be given to each company specifically upon request.

Campaign Monitor 5

Campaign Monitor explains more about behavioral email marketing and the features in the webinar below.

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