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Calling all Engineers and Artists, Misfits and Number Crunchers…


Like many small businesses, MailChimp started as a side project. But little did our founders know that it would grow and grow until millions of people and businesses around the world would rely on it to send more than a billion emails every day. *success kid*

Now, as the world’s leading marketing automation platform, we democratize technology for small businesses. We believe that being yourself makes all the difference, and nobody embodies that better than our hardworking employees. MailChimp is home to more than 700 engineers and artists, misfits and number crunchers, and we’re looking for even more creative, independent thinkers to join our team.

We’re headquartered in Atlanta, a city we love so much. And because we know our employees are human beings with lives that extend beyond the office, we invest in our people so they can grow personally and professionally. Our competitive salaries and benefits are out of this world. We’re a bunch of passionate weirdos, and we’d rather take risks—and fail—in the pursuit of excellence than play it safe. Equal pay is a crucial part of our culture of inclusion, and we’re committed to diversity in hiring.

All of which is to say: we’re proud of our growing team of coworkers. And we included a bunch of them in our new recruiting video: