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C# tips and tricks 14 – How to send an email to multiple users wi…

Sending an email from c#
Sending an email with attachments
Sending an email with html body

Smtpserver- It is a property by using this we are capable of sending Email.
For this we have to include the namespace System.Mail.Web
SmtpPort- It is a simple mail transfer protocol port number which is used to send email.
By port number is 587.
Smptclient- It is a class which allows applications to send e-mail by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
NetworkCredential:It is a class which is used to provide the credentials to send a email.
MailMessage:Represents an e-mail message that can be sent using the SmtpClient class.
• Attachment : The Attachment class is used with the MailMessage class. All messages include a Body, which contains the content of the message.

Outlook email sending using c#
Gmail email sending using c#


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