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Basic Email Marketing – Campaigns, Automation and Tips | Effectiv…

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In this episode of the Effectiveecommerce podcast we’re going to be talking about email marketing and we’re going to get into the real meat and potatoes the really good stuff here things such is what subject lines how to use good subject lines what kind of content works everything you’re probably hoping for in the last episode the last episode I talked about lead capture how to get emails which I think is very important and is necessary it’s necessary that that comes before we start talking about this stuff today but this stuff we’re going to talk about how to actually send high quality emails how to set up automation how to do a bunch of things that’s just going to take your email marketing to the next level so the first thing is subject line is everything what I mean by this is if people aren’t opening your email then it doesn’t matter how a good the content of your email is they haven’t opened it they haven’t read it they’re never going to see it so the subject line is the most important thing as far as getting the email open now maybe when you’re talking long term it might be something like creating good content over and over again but in the short term the very first email it’s all about the subject line and getting them to open that email and then from there it’s about giving them good content so how do you create a good subject line well there’s a lot of articles online there’s a lot of different videos and everything but here’s just the high level some high-level tips of how to create a good subject line so you want to capture people’s attention you want to make them open you want to create some kind of intrigue you can do this in a number of different ways one example might be ask a question might say you might be able to say something like do you want to save money on car insurance question mark now that’s so overused it might not really work so a different question that’s a little bit more unique might be more interesting like are you in ketosis question mark for performance nut butter or are you a dancer or are you interested in learning more about dance costumes whatever it is questions kind of they automatically sparked that that intrigue in people because it’s a question and they’re more likely to open an email another thing might be saying look at all the all the different content out there all the different like spam my content that gets people to open so something like actually one of my videos not spamming content but one of my videos seven secrets seven Facebook ads secrets what’s so powerful about that will one you’re thinking to yourself oh well maybe there’s a secret that I don’t know so the word secret is really good in my opinion in emails because it’s going to make people interested and want to open but that you know that being said Gmail Yahoo Mail all these they know what you’re doing so just be careful on how often you do that but as far from the human element you want to create things like that create open loops that people need to create a solution to and the only way they can create that solution is by clicking on your email and reading the content so the next thing next thing you want to do is in the content itself it’s creating good content and there’s different ways to do this as well there’s a little more long-term strategy in the long term strategy is you want to be creating quality emails over and over again that people just get used to wanting to open your emails that’s that should be your goal is to send emails to people that they want to open and when they read them they’re happy that they read them if you can do that you’re doing a really good job and then when you go to sell something it’s kind of like we talked about with

Email Marketing
Subject line is everything
What one thing do you want them to do
Don’t ask too much
Use email to promote all your other social media platforms
Different buckets, non-customers, customers, VIPs
To start you can treat them all the same
It’s also different depending on how much they open.
To start don’t worry about that
Create an automated sequence
I will quickly touch on what I do / recommend
Different based on what funnel customers and non customer
Non customers can get discounts, the ultimate point is to get the purchase
With customers the point is to get them in the eco system and get the sale long term
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