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Aweber review | How To Use Aweber Email marketing Software…

Aweber review Try Aweber Free for 30 days and cancel anytime

What exactly will you learn inside of this Aweber review and is this the best email marketing software for the beginner to get started?

So I’ve put together everything that you’ll need to get started with Aweber and exactly everything you’ll need. No fluff but still that’s actually useful inside of email marketing.

Now of course there’s a lot more when it comes to creating success inside of email marketing and more advantaged stuff one could use.

But for the beginner and not talking about your LTV (Long Term Value)

This is more advanced stuff inside of Aweber or just email marketing software.

This Aweber tutorial is beginner friendly without all the complicated strategies or everything that you’ll need to do to start building your email list.

Just getting started and get the ball rolling…

Maybe you want to start with Instagram and have a few resources that might be helpful for getting started with that.

Before we get going inside of this Aweber review and sure there are many different services out there for email marketing
software. To be honest I wanted something simple you can use as the beginning without all the hazzle.

Personally, I’ve tried so many different software’s that were so overcomplicated in the beginning and then couldn’t figure it out. Most of them are so complicated who actually wants to get started with the entire process before ever signing up to any of these email marketing softwares.

Does this Sound familiar?

Before signing up or not signing up. I decided to do something completely different than another Aweber review. Our team decided to do a full complete training of videos, text and images for you’ll know how to get started with Aweber.

30 Day Free Trial Aweber

How To Create your First Form

First step is click on Signup Forms

Step 2: Create a New Form and then you have 2 options: Create new signup form or spilt test your signup forms. Now if you have you a landing page building this step isn’t going matter much at all.

Step 3: Create Custom Fields but all you need to name, email address

Step 4: Step Up custom pages and people already subscribed

Step 5: Publish and choose the best option for using form as a landing page

How to Create a Simple Value Email Sequence
This part comes with a little bit of experience and learning how much value to give. Then, when you actually want to pitch your product, service or affiliate offer. Maybe you’re looking purely at trying to sell in the beginning and maybe you’re really badass at just selling in general.

If you are and then Go do you!!!

But if you’re not good at selling this is a simple strategy with warming new leads inside of your business without looking like a sleazy salesman or women inside of the process.

1. Opt-in
2. Welcome Message
3. First part Sequence is giving people your free gift
4. Second email providing more value on the offer from the opt-in
5. Third email sending them to a YouTube Channel or something where you give them more value
6. 4th value Email Can go a few different ways and finding the best solution that works for you or just down a broadcast. This is where you can send them to a webinar or try one of your product for Free or $1 membership trial or sending them down an affiliate offer.

Then You’ll be able to send them to a broadcast and then down a campaign. I’ll talk about that a little later on inside of the blog post and how you can do the same exact thing.

But Here’s an Example of one of my our sequences

Let’s get into the Creating your First Broadcast Message on Aweber

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