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Aweber Email Marketing Tips – How To Create Quick Content What To…

Aweber Email Marketing Tips – How To Create Quick Content What To Write

Whether you use Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp or any other email marketing system…. you have to be able to create content for your subscribers!

If you cannot create email marketing content, then having an email marketing follow up system is pretty pointless!!

The constant questions with email marketing is, “what do I write about?”

We’ve all been there!

Here’s 4 quick tips you can use to help you with your email marketing campaign…
1) Problem, Agitate, Solution
2) Frequently Asked Questions
3) Predict the future
4) Mock thy enemy

I also want to throw out a great tip that will help with your email marketing when you get stuck, even after reviewing the tips above.

Remember the acronym ILT, which stands for Invest, Learn & Teach. Invest time (sometimes money), learn about something and then teach it to your email marketing list. Pass along as much value as you can to your email marketing list EVERY DAY!

YES…. email your list DAILY!!! If people unsubscribe from your email marketing list, then they are not the type of people you want on your list to begin with!

If you need help generating leads for your email marketing list, check out this site for more info…

If you’re ready to create a 6-figure business online in the next 90-days…

If you have any questions, please connect with me on FB and message me…

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