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6 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Powerful…

email marketing tips to power up your campaign

Email marketing can help you to earn passive income.In the above video I’m giving 6 tips to make your email marketing campaign more effective.Here is the concise version of tips in the video:
Email Marketing tip 1:

Know Your Audience:Identify your audience.Try to know what they expect from you.Offer value to your email subscribers.the one little tactic you should follow in your email marketing campaign is that “help them and sell later”.

Email Marketing tips 2

Personalize Your Offer:Hook up your customers with personalization.connect them can help you to create trust in your “Email Marketing Campaign”. you can use customers name,company name etc in your broadcasting email to connect personally.

Email Marketing tips 3

Craft Your Email Properly: Email crafting is very important.Don’t make a messy email.Make it well spaced and neat.Make it user friendly

Email Marketing tips 4:

Don’t Forget the Unsubscribe button: Always give an option to unsubscribe to your customer.if you avoid unsubscribe button in your marketing campaign it can cause suspension of your account

Email Marketing tips 5:

Make Your Subject Line Short: I have seen many people using long subject line in their email marketing campaign.Don’t do that.try short subject line.You have to make your subscribers read your email.

Last but not least!

Email Marketing tips 6:

Track Your Conversion: Always track conversion.It is a smart move to know what works for you and what not.You can use Google Analytics Tool to track your conversion

If you follow these tactics definitely you can improve your email marketing campaign.One last advice I have to give is deliver value to your customers/subscribers and gain their trust.Hope these tips will help you to improve your email campaign.

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