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30 Tips for Managing Email Effectively…

Detailed tips on how to manage email effectively are available at


1. Identify if action is needed immediately or later

2. Acknowledge receipt

3. Include a specific email subject line

4. Personalize your emails

5. Respond to everything that has been asked on the email

6. Verify if you have included an attachment

7. Who do you want to take action – be specific?

8. Double check whose email address is on the ‘reply to’ line

9. Block specific times to respond to emails

10. Routinely check your spam or junk folder

11. Use great judgement before selecting “reply all”

12. Know your company’s policy for email response time

13. Strive for relevant and brief responses to emails

14. Proofread your emails

15. Respond to emails within one day, for urgent emails respond sooner

16. Know when to stop email ping pong

17. Put an auto-responder when you are away

18. Delete emails regularly

19. Determine if you really need folders

20. Unsubscribe to manage email volume

21. Prepare standard responses to customize and recycle

22. Don’t use email as a to-do list

23. Make the telephone your friend

24. Become good at using the search function

25. Begin with the conclusion

26. Send fewer emails

27. Turn off email notifications

28. Mark emails for follow-up

29. Break your email into bullet points or numbered lists

30. Do regular group check-ins to cut down on email updates


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