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30+ Superhero Logo Templates…

Superheroes are all the craze these days. Everywhere you look you see some sort of a superhero logo or a character on t-shirts, posters, and mugs. There’s no age, race, or gender difference to loving a superhero character.

If you’ve been looking for a cool Batman logo template or a Superman logo template to use in your own designs, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re working on a poster, a mug, or a geeky t-shirt design, you’ll find plenty of your favorite superhero character logos as well as other superhero-themed logos in this collection.

Batman Logo Template Vector PSD

Everyone’s favorite superhero, Batman is arguably the most popular comic book character among all ages. This creative Batman logo template is perfect for every occasion. It comes to you as a vector PSD file.

Batman Signal Logo Template

This logo template features the classic Batman logo with the attractive black and yellow colors. This logo is instantly recognizable no matter where you see it. It’s available in PNG format.

Batman v Superman Logo Template

Introduced in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns animated film, this cool Batman logo represents the older and much more aggressive version of the character. Batman V Superman movie logo was also inspired by the animated series as well.

Batman Cartoon Title Logo Template

This is a creative and a simplified Batman logo template that features an attractive design. It’s available in JPG format but you’ll be able to easily cut it out using the magic wand tool.

Batman Cartoon Logo Template

Another Batman logo design inspired by the classic Batman cartoons. This logo also features Batman alongside the logo. Making it perfect for a kid-friendly design.

batman dawn of justice logo template

This logo template features the mashed logos of both Batman and Superman as seen in the Batman V Superman movie. It’s available in Adobe Illustrator format.

Wonder Woman Logo Template

The famous logo for the Amazonian superhero. This Wonder Woman logo is available in PNG format.

Wonder Woman Movie Logo Template

This is a modernized version of the Wonder Woman logo as seen on the latest Wonder Woman movie. The template can be downloaded in PNG format.

Classic Wonder Woman Logo Template

If you’re a fan of the classic Wonder Woman, this template will come in handy. This Wonder Woman logo features the classic logo with the Wonder Woman’s famous shield.

The Flash Logo Template

The Flash’s iconic lightning logo is a popular symbol used in all kinds of designs. This template can be easily customized to fit any design as it comes in PNG format.

The Flash Classic Logo Template

This Flash logo template features the classic The Flash design. The template is also available in PNG format.

Superman Logo Template

We can’t talk about superheroes without mentioning Superman. This logo template features a modern version of the Superman logo. It’s available in PNG format.

Superman Classic Logo Template

This is the classic version of the Superman logo. It features the iconic red and yellow colors of the Superman logo as well as the same familiar design.

3D Superman Logo Template

This Superman logo template features a unique 3D-like design. It’s perfect for a product print design like a mug or a T-shirt. The template is available in EPS vector format.

The Incredibles Logo Template

The Incredibles is one of the most beloved superhero movies of all ages. This logo template features The Incredibles logo as seen in the first movie.

Spiderman Logo Template

This Spiderman logo template comes with the classic design inspired by the Spiderman animated series. The template is available in EPS file format.

the amazin spiderman logo template

This is the Spiderman logo from the recent The Amazing Spiderman movie. It features a much more realistic and a creative version of the Spiderman logo.

spiderman vector logo template

This Spiderman logo features a creative and unique design that truly stands out. The template is available in EPS vector file format as well.

spiderman mask logo template

The Spidey head symbol or the Spiderman mask logo will look great on your T-shirt and coffee mug designs. This template is also available in Adobe Illustrator format.

avengers logo template

The popular Avengers logo design. This template is available in a high-resolution PNG file format. You can use it will all kinds of designs.

captain america logo template

Captain America is probably the noblest character of the Avengers. This is the Captain America logo featuring his iconic shield design.

transformers logo template

Some might argue if Transformers are actually superheroes or not. But, in a way, they are actually a type of superheroes. This Transformers logo template features the Autobots logo.

green lantern logo template

Green Lantern may not be the most popular character among superhero fans but he has one of the coolest looking logo designs. The template is available in PNG format.

green lantern corps logo template

Another Green Lantern logo template featuring the logo design from the Green Lantern Corps. The template can be downloaded as a vector EPS file.

aquaman movie logo template

One of the most ridiculed superhero characters of all time, Aquaman is now popular than ever thanks to the latest Aquaman movie. This is the Aquaman logo from the movie. It’s available in PNG format.

classic aquaman logo template

This is the classic Aquaman logo as seen in the comic books. The template can be downloaded as a PNG file.

shazam logo template

This is the logo template for Shazam inspired from the new movie. The template is available as a PNG file.

Punisher Logo Template

The iconic skull logo of Punisher is one of the coolest logo designs of all time. This logo template features the same Punisher logo from the comic books.

punisher movie logo template

Inspired by the Punisher movie poster, this logo template features a more unique and textured design of the Punisher logo. It’s available in Illustrator file format.

xmen logo template

This logo template is from the X-Men animated series featuring everyone’s favorite character of the franchise, Wolverine. The template is available in vector EPS file format.

thundercats logo template

Thundercats is a popular animated cartoon series which was recently revived with a new style of animation design. This is the Thundercats logo template from the original series.

star wars logo template

Star Wars may not be a superhero movie franchise but it’s a movie that everyone loves and adores. It’s a timeless classic. Grab this template to create designs for Star Wars fans.

Keep in mind that superhero characters and logos are copyrighted by Marvel, Disney, and DC Comics. Use them with proper attribution.

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