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3 Ways to Create ‘Next Level’ Content…

3 Ways to Create 'Next Level' Content

This week, we offered concrete ways to make your content more memorable, more compelling, and more attractive to your audience. The three blog posts and podcast episodes I highlight below each give easy-to-implement advice that can transform your work.

On Monday, Loryn Thompson kicked us off with a post about respecting your audience’s intelligence and finding that “sweet spot” between writing that’s dumbed-down and writing that’s overwhelming. She talks about creating content that gets our audiences into the “Flow” state, which can lead to real transformations.

On Tuesday, Brian Gardner, founder of StudioPress, swung by with a resource to help you make your site design as brilliant as your words. It’s a free ebook written by our ultra-talented VP of Design, Rafal Tomal — who walks you through making great choices for your WordPress theme, site colors, typography, and layouts. No additional opt-in is required, so you can just go grab it!

And on Wednesday, I wrote about a content mistake that I see a lot — content that takes too long to get to the point (or, sometimes, lacks a solid point at all). You’ll learn three simple steps that will help you create more focused, engaging work.

I also let you know about a neat new resource we’re building to help you create that “next level” content. It’s all about sharpening your skills as a content creator — everything from meeting your deadlines to improving your writing to getting a handle on the essentials of SEO. We’ll be launching that course at a very friendly price, so drop your information into the post and let us know if you want more details when the course is ready.

Over on the podcasts, Site Success (the artist formerly known as Sites) now publishes twice a week! Check out Brian Clark’s conversation with Sean Jackson on the bedrock element of any good content marketing strategy — figuring out precisely who your content serves.

On The Digital Entrepreneur, Sean Jackson and Katy Katz interviewed the legendary Annie Cushing so we can make better use of a vital (but sometimes intimidating) tool: Google Analytics.

And on Copyblogger FM, I talked about how you can avoid a horribly common (and heartbreaking) business fail. It doesn’t have to be this way! Tune in to the episode to find out how to steer clear of it. (Hint: It actually involves doing less work.)

That’s it for this week’s content — have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you next week!

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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