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3 Tips for Migrating Email…

Today I want to talk about something that occurs for businesses when they migrate their email accounts and how to handle these concerns.

Migrating emails usually happen when a business owner is using a personal email address like hotmail or gmail, and then wants to cutover to a professional business email with their own domain name. Another scenario where email migration is needed, is when there is a rebrand from an old business name to a new business name. The two main concerns that come up is how do you handle the email migration cutover to make sure that you get all your emails and at the same time communicate the change in email address with your clients? Here are three things you need to do.



Set up an Auto-Responder in your old email box

An auto-responder will be a great way of informing your clients of the change in email address. Anyone who emails the old email box will get a response that there is an update, and be informed of the new email address without the need to rigorously reply to each email.

Set up an Email Forwarder to your new email box

An email forwarder will automatically redirect email messages you are receiving and let any email hitting the old email address to be automatically be sent to the new email box. Putting a forwarder will make your job a lot easier as there is no need to check your old email box and at the same time it allows you to start working in your new email account. This assures you that all of your emails will be sent to your new email account.

Set a Note in your new email account

Set up a note in your new email account to inform your clients and contacts. It is best to put this somewhere visible. You can place it in your email signature and use red text or set it in bold to make it more noticeable. When you’re sending out emails, it will notify your clients that you now have a new email address, and will let them get used to your new email address as well.

Once you’ve had these three things set up, your clients will now start to get familiar with the new email address. The final thing that you need to do would be to keep the old email account running for the next six – to twelve months. We’ve noticed that this length of time is the optimal time to let your clients transition to the change. Sometimes clients do not send emails for six months and when you cut off your old account too early, you might miss these kinds of opportunities. If you are also migrating from an old host with a different type of email, make sure you also keep it for another six to twelve months as well to make the transition to the new email address smoother.

Now if you have a big company, and you’re migrating all of your employees’ email addresses then the same steps apply to them. You need to do this for all the accounts, to ensure a seamless transition to new email accounts without business interruptions.

Hope you found this short video to be helpful. If you have any questions you’d like to solve for your business, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to help you!


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