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24 Ways to Give Your Content an Eye-Opening Shot of Vitality…

At this point in January, I like to think that the new year has just had its second cup of coffee.

The holidays and those foggy first few days of the year are behind us. And our goals and intentions are starting to come into focus.

But the desire to create exceptional work can sometimes lead to stress or even burnout. We want to avoid generic, lackluster content — but we can also use some routines and reminders to keep us on track toward The Good Stuff.

This week, we covered 24 ways you can give your content a double-shot of vitality, without running yourself ragged.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman got us warmed up with 7 routines to nurture and protect our creativity.

On Tuesday, Kelton Reid refilled our cups with 12 ways to get from the sad emptiness of a blank page to the rewarding warmth of a first draft.

And on Wednesday, I talked about 5 points of focus when we want to create the kind of rich, memorable content that’s worth writing — and reading.

You probably won’t put all 24 of these into place this week. (But let us know if you do, and how much caffeine that involved, because we’ll definitely need to give you a round of applause.)

But find the points that resonate for you, and that will support you in your quest for content excellence this year.

If you’re working toward more vital, vibrant content — or any other writing or marketing goal that inspires you — let us know in the comments!

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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