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20+ Best Logo Animations for After Effects…

20+ Best Logo Animations for After Effects

In this collection, we share some of the best logo animation templates you can use to create an attractive logo reveal with just a few clicks using Adobe After Effects.

Almost every branded video on YouTube starts with a logo reveal. It’s a great way to establish authority and promote your brand to the audience. There are a few different ways you can also add a logo reveal animation in your own videos.

The easy route is to use a default animation in After Effects and create a basic logo animation. Or, you can use a template and create a logo reveal animation that stands out from the crowd. One that makes your videos instantly recognizable.

Even if you’re not an expert video editor, you can use templates to create professional logo animations using After Effects without an effort. For starters, have a look at the animation templates below.

Shapes - Modern Logo Reveal Animation

Whether you’re making YouTube videos or Instagram videos, you can have a logo animation not just to promote your brand but also to promote your other social media channels as well. This creative logo animation template works for both those aspects. It comes in Full HD resolution and includes multiple animations.

Creative Logo Intro & Outro Animations

This logo animation template also uses colorful shapes to reveal your logos with stylish animations. The template works great for creating both intro and outro animations for your videos. You can use it to reveal your logos as well as social media channels. It also features Full HD resolution.

Zeus - Exploding Logo Animation

This logo animation template is perfect for entertainment-related videos and brands. Mainly because it comes with a Hollywood-style animation that lets you show off your logo in a stylish inward explosion cloud and particles. It works with logos of any size and length as well.

Typography Logo Reveal Animation

If you’re a business that has products or services in a wide variety of industries or you’re a creator that covers content in multiple categories, this logo animation will come in handy. It features a logo reveal animation that’s made with a typographic design. The animation includes 25 text placeholders you can easily customize with After Effects CS4 or higher.

Stripes - Modern Logo Animation Template

A clean and modern logo animation that’s perfect for corporate brands, agencies, and startups. This animation template features a colorful striped design that reveals your logo in a creative way. The background and the colors of the stripes can be easily customized to your preference. And it works with all types of text and graphic logos.

Slides - Stylish Logo Reveal Animation

A unique logo reveals animation that allows you to create a sliding gallery of images before revealing your logo to your audience. This is a great way to show different aspects of your brand with visuals while presenting your logo. The template is available in Full HD resolution.

Free Night Tropical Logo Animation

This is a free logo animation template for After Effects that comes with a unique and nature-themed effect. It allows you to reveal your logo while surrounding it with leaves to give it a tropical look and feel. The template features 2 styles of logo animations in Full HD resolution.

Free Colorful Flash Logo Animation

A simple but effective logo animation that features a technology-themed effect. It’s perfect for revealing a logo with a subtle glitch and distortion design. The template can be easily customized with After Effects CS6 or higher.

On Fire Logo Animation Template

If you want to make your look like it’s forged in fire, this animation template is perfect for you. It features an amazing animation effect that sets your logo on fire and reveals it in an exciting way. The template works with all types of logos and the effect is fully customizable as well. The animation is available in both 4K and Full HD resolutions.

Glitch Logo Reveal Animation

The glitching effect is quite popular among many YouTubers and businesses. Especially with the new trendy cyberpunk design style, this logo animation fits in perfectly with many entertainment and technology brands. The effect is also customizable. You can easily change the colors of the glitch effect however you like. And even add a subtitle or the URL of your website.

Mysterious Logo Reveal Template

Want to show off your logo with a bit of a mystery? Then use this After Effects template. It features a subtle logo animation that lets you create a stylish tease and reveal effect to animate the logo. This template is most suitable for creatives and corporate brands. It’s available in 4K resolution.

Aperture Photography Logo Animation

This logo animation is made specifically for photographers and for brands that work in the photography industry. It features a stylish animation featuring the aperture of a camera and then reveals the logo through the lens. It’s simply perfect for photography logo reveals. The template comes in Full HD resolution.

Magic Logo Animation Template

If you prefer more colorful and attractive animations for logo reveals, this template will help you create a more trendy and stylish animation for your videos. It features a magical effect full of colors and particles that reveals logos in an entertaining way. This animation is great for festive-related logo reveals as well as many other brands and creators.

Orbital - Free HUD Logo Reveal

Another free logo reveals template that comes with a modern and stylish effect. The template is easily customizable and it includes background textures and other elements as well.

3 Free Logo Reveals for After Effects

This bundle of logo animations includes not just one or two templates, but three different After Effects animations. The best part is you can download and use them for free. These animations are perfect for business and corporate logo reveals.

Mountain Logo Reveal Animation

This logo animation template features a unique design that allows you to reveal your logo in a powerful way. It simply shows the logo in an animation that breaks down the mountain to reveal the logo inside. It’s a great way to show the authority and the impact of a brand through the animation.

Modular Logo Animation Templates

This is a bundle of logo animations that includes 3 different styles of logo reveal templates. Each template features a creative animation featuring modular designs. You can easily customize every design to change the background, text, and even adjust the camera movement. They are available in Full HD resolution.

Stamp Logo Reveal Animation

This logo animation gets our stamp of approval for being creative. It lets you reveal your logo in an animation that shows a real hand stamp your logo into your videos. The animation looks quite realistic that at first sight, it’s hard to tell whether it’s real-life footage of stamping a logo. You can customize its colors to your preference as well.

Swirling Trail Logo Reveal Template

Another unique and colorful logo animation that reveals your logo with swirling trails of colors. It will allow you to reveal your logo in an attractive way to get more attention from the audience. You can also include a headline or a website URL along with the logo.

Petals Logo Reveal Animation

This logo animation is great for revealing logos for fashion, beauty, and feminine brands. It features a beautiful effect that reveals the logo with lots of elegant rose petals. You can also include a text headline or a website URL in the animation as well. The template is available in Full HD resolution.

Free Hi-Tech Logo Reveal Animation

A free logo animation you can use to create a stylish logo reveal for YouTube and social media videos. This animation features a technology-themed effect that’s ideal for gaming YouTubers and eSports brands.

Free Quick Modern Logo Animation Template

If you’re looking for a quick and simple animation for the logo reveal, this template will come in handy. It’s not only free to use but can also be easily customized with After Effects. It features a colorful and stylish effect that will fit in with most creative brands.

For more amazing video templates, check out our best After Effects intro templates collection.

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